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Michael Paul Stratton

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Michael Paul Stratton
Michael Paul Stratton Bio:

I am a twisted Hip Hop/R&B song writer, I hope to inspire you with a new form of twisted music! :devil: If you like my music then feel free to view all my songs, and download them if you wish at I am Insane I think, but I am not Insane enough to not know this, but I am also Intelligent, but also I need to be humble, because if I am too modest, then I wont care about anyone, but myself, and I honestly feel like that is not the case! I do care about the thoughts and feelings of others, and I don't want to offend people, but If people get offended then what can I say, the way my music is set up, I have to sound evil, and twisted, because if I did not it would not sound right! If you are christian then subtract the profanity, and bang you have poetry! I write poetry as well, but my music is dark, and twisted for a reason, it is not because I am evil, I have a kind heart, but it is my desire to express my anger, and pain, through music! I also, if you remove the profanity in some of my songs, you will find a sound message, that relates to Christianity, but I am not claiming to be a Christian, but I have an open mind to accept all view points! Thank you for maybe trying to see eye to eye with me! If you wish you may download all of my music also at


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This song is about the vision of world peace!