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Kryptic Bio:

The Hip Hop community has spoken. They are tired of the death, the destruction, the despair, and the degradation. No more talentless, shiny rappers spreading non messages with nursery school rhymes, while glorifying negativity and total disregard to the impressionable youngsters who love and worship them. Hip Hop NEEDS a breath of fresh air. Kryptic, is that breath of fresh air. Conscious, melodic, and lyrically on point, Kryptic brings hope, education, love, humility and morality back to the genre with full force. The group is actually an international duo consisting of British MC Kryptic and American producer Rome X. Together since summer 2006, the two have overcome the vast distances between them to craft some of the most melodic and thought provoking music since the 1990's when hip hop was lyrically in its top form. Constantly challenged by the musical negativity around them, the outside forces trying to pry them apart to different groups as well as the obstacle of the Atlantic Ocean which separates them, the two have managed to release a well received cd "Weapon Of Choice The Mic" in 2007. This album contained cult hits that have garnered Kryptic fans and respect all over the world. From the chart topper "Microphone Technique" to the BBC's 1xtra Homegrown Cutz where "State Of Mind" was broadcast all over Britain, to ukflowtv where "Be A Man About It" and "State Of Mind" were actually debuted to the world, Kryptic has also charted ten top 10 songs on and five number 1's to date. Kryptic along with their support staff and record company Winter In New England Music Limited have forged forward on the independent level, keeping their company solvent strictly by releasing good music, being selective and always lyrical while bringing the big beat sound back to the game. The group has completed their sophomore release "Worldwide International: The LP" which has already spawned popular songs such as "Purify", "The Cost Of Living", "Knowledge Is Power", "Worldwide International", "Watching Me" and the genre bending "The Story Of" they will undoubtedly continue to their legacy in the Hip Hop Underground worldwide. Keep Listening.

Kryptic and Rome X release new album

Los Angeles, CA – Hip-hop emcee Kryptic and producer Rome X are celebrating the release of their new album, “Worldwide International: The LP,” and it’s fan favorite single “Purify.” One might wonder just how a brand spanking new album can already have a fan favorite– but that’s just the thing. The song “Purify” was chosen as the album’s lead single thanks to an online poll. Fans spoke out and “Purify” was elected the representative of “Worldwide International: The LP.”
The song is actually an ideal representative for the new CD in that it boasts all the staples of the musical collaboration between Kryptic and Rome X. It’s searing fusion of an edgy, contemporary lyrical style with 90s-flavored hip-hop hooks combine to create a new musical creature. Kryptic and Rome X are forcing new ways of understanding hip-hop and are pushing a paradigm shift in the world of rap.
Bucking some traditions and embracing others, Kryptic and Rome X have forged their own distinctive path. While the classic sound of the music has everything to do with hip-hop roots, the lyrics drive the music in new directions. Displaying particularly keen self-awareness and a sharp understanding of the genre, the words – delivered with such verve and raw-yet-controlled power – challenge the status quo and compel listeners to rethink stereotypes of the genre.
“The single reflects the album perfectly,” says Kryptic. “The album from beginning to end speaks on hip-hop purity and essence and shies away from negative stereotypes and images.” “Purify” also serves to introduce the album via its sonic qualities, boasting the big beats and clever, but not flashy, lyricism that flows throughout the rest of “Worldwide International: The LP.”
Britain’s Kryptic and America’s Rome X first hooked up via a connection on MySpace when Rome X was seeking an artist with whom to collaborate. “One song turned to three and three to a whole album entitled ‘Weapon of Choice: The Mic,’ which was released in April 2007.” The two have a sophomore album of their “retro-modern” Hip Hop ready to go.
The pair is currently working with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. More information is available by visiting, and

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