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Vladimir Milicev, in the world of music known as VIDYPS 79 (, was born on March 2, 1979 in Kikinda, Serbia. Playing the piano since his 9, Vladimir composed his first song when he was 16. "I called it "Say Hello To Dawn". Maybe the best one I've ever made.", says he. Within a few years he wrote more than 40 songs. There were instrumental ones and those with lyrics. "It was an incredible feeling. The music just came out of me, no special effort I had to make. Of course, I had to play them all over and over again in order to come up to scratch. But, I did feel I was into something good." All songs were made on his piano: "Simply, that's the instrument I find most appropriate for making music." And that's how the album "A Life To Live It Up" came to light!
Though almost all songs from "A Life To Live It Up" were made years ago, Vladimir thought this was the right moment to have them published: "First I wanted to settle my affairs, like finishing up my studies and getting a job as an IT and audio engineer soon after. Music takes up a lot of time and I wanted to do things right."
Vladimir named himself VIDYPS 79 - "V" as "Vladimir", "I" as "Ivan" (his father), "D" as "Dragica" (Vladimir's late mother), then "YPS" as "Yellow Planetary Star" and finally, "79" as the year of his birth. So, everything was finally ready for the release of the first album "A Life To Live It Up", along with the EP "An Inexhaustible Energy Of Blue" that contained four songs from "A Life To Live It Up" and two of them in slightly different versions ("Forever Fall", "Island Paradise").
These are songs for everyone. If you are joyful, you can bring back the memories to the sounds of a Viennese waltz ("Waltz On Dreams") or a disco ("Can't You Hear Me Knocking"), you can relax and hold on to your love ("Say You Will", "To A Beauty"...) having a seashore in the train of your thoughts ("Island Paradise")... And if you are sad, if your mind's eye is looking for some happiness, try "Forever Fall" or "Eyes". This music does talk to you... Just like Vladimir says himself, "This is music that promises to enhance our dreams & inspiration..." Enjoy it!

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