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K-Style Ridaz

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K-Style Ridaz
K-Style Ridaz Bio:

K-Style Ridaz is a group of talented individuals, who love doing what they do best, that is music. Each member of the group brings uniqueness and their own style to the music scene. Back in the late 2004 in Saint Paul, Minnesota K-Style Ridaz was born. K-Style Ridaz is the new flavor of Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B.

K-Style Ridaz consists of a group of 5; Kroam D, Lady Ice, J.C., Mixed Child, and Mysterious. Kroam D, age 26, is a producer, rapper and founder of K-Style Ridaz. At a young age Kroam D discovered that he had talent in music and started making music using just a keyboard. As he got older his talent grew with him. Lady Ice, age 24, is the manager and Co-Owner of K-Style Ridaz. Growing up around music has made her realize that she wanted to be in the music business some how. Now she is making her dream come true. Lady Ice is also the graphic and web designer for K-Style Ridaz. J.C., age 27, is a singer and rapper of K-Style Ridaz. He first realized at a young age that he had talent and that he wanted to explore more with his singing. Now part of K-Style Ridaz, he can do more than explore his voice. Mixed Child, age 16, is a rapper of K-Style Ridaz. He may be young but he brings the new style of voice to the rapping game. He’s got talent that is waiting to explode. Mysterious, age 16, is another rapper of K-Style Ridaz. This talented young man discovered his rapping skills at a young age. As he grows, everyday his skills are getting better. Mysterious brings a whole new flavor of rapping skills to the K-Style Ridaz.

K-Style Ridaz has the love for music and is far from the money. They don’t want to be rich nor do they want to be poor. They just want to be satisfied and just want to express their talent and uniqueness to people.