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bio of the fat-sho posted: 11 Aug 2008 05:23 AM
hey yo homies ...i just wanted to tell ya about maself n ma story ..... the fat-sho story begins on 26 october 1991 when i was born,i was born in alexandria,egypt......n i really love ma country n ii'm one of the greatest gamers ever i play all the games all the time ...i'm quite tall n got a black hair ,black eyes n fat(that why i call maself fat-sho)......alot of things happened and all these actions n things aren't so important so i begin to love n breathe the music when i was 13 years old so it's about 3years or 4 years i've listened to all the singers really all genres n all type of languages so i made ma mind about what kind of music do i love the most so i discovered dat i like da hiphop n the rap......but i also like da pop n rock and all dis stuff .... as well as i love making n designing da websites,so i discovered that if i'll sing i'll sing hiphop n rap ...coz i always love akon n eminem n all dese fellas y'know so really i wanna be a hiphop star or rap star maybe others like pop n rock i'll sing different types of music ..... n i'll send it n post it here n i wanna all of ya to gimme ur opinion okay