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Born in Los Angeles, CA, HIPOST (pronounced Hi-Post) was raised in Long Beach, CA until his family moved to Culver City, CA. As a 4th grade music student, HIPOST realized his love of and talent for music. For two years HIPOST was a 1st chair cellist for the Long Beach Middle School All District Orchestra. It was at that time HIPOST first envisioned himself as a future musical force to be reckoned with.

After graduation from Culver City High School in 1996 and subsequent to graduation from the Lee Strasburg School of Performing Arts, where he studied music composition and acting, HIPOST soon formed his first group known as "PI-DA-DE" (pee-da-day) with his best friend; a group of three rappers and a vocalist. The group soon thereafter captured the attention of recording giant EMI and inked a deal in 1998.

Now solo with his first album completed, "Gift Of Gabb", which he is currently promoting nationally thru the Ruff Ryders/Cali'R Music Group label. He has toured extensively as the opening act for E-40, Too Short, Juvenile and the Clipse just to name a few. This seasoned class act artist is definitely ready for mainstream exposure.

How did he get the name HIPOST? His high school classmates gave him the nickname because he developed a high class taste for preppy clothes, attending polo matches and symphony orchestra performances (his first love being the cello). Due to the void of positive imagery in the industry setting and maintaining a positive image in paramount to HIPOST for the longevity and preservation of Hip-Hop for future generations to come. He not only appeals to the Hip-Hop generation, but his sultry form of rapping has captured the hearts of the seasoned generation alike.

Some travel low, but this man is definitely "HIPOST"

Listen for HIPOST debut single "Livin It Up" featuring Jagged Edge.

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