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Brian J. Bodnar

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Brian J. Bodnar
Brian J. Bodnar Bio:

Brian J. Bodnar - Using a wide range of influences, Brian has recorded songs at home since the late 1980's. The rather crude recordings were made using what was at hand, from simple tape to tape setups to a 4-track tape recorder. Instruments included acoustic and electric guitars, drums/percussion items, drum machines, various keyboards/synthesizers/sequencers, dulcimers, toy accordian, various wind instruments, various other string instruments, and assorted pots and pans.

My Music (if you wanna call it that) posted: 07 Jul 2008 08:14 PM
My Music (if you wanna call it that) So here is some of my ****... or call it music. It's been in the works since high school - back in '83 to '87... and on through community college and beyond. It's not great. It's not technically perfect - in fact, it's off the cuff... at the moment... and poor quality. I have no dreams of being famous anymore... no dreams of financial security from my music... I rely on my day job for that. See my MySpace site for info' about me...

Finally - my music on the web... posted: 17 Sep 2004 05:59 AM
...figured it was about time to throw some of my music into the world after doing home recording as a hobby for around 20 years. Needless to say, I truly did do all of this writing/recording primarily for my own pleasure. Excuse the quality of some of it as these were crude recordings. Hopefully, more will follow... enjoy.