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Eternally Damaged

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Eternally Damaged
Eternally Damaged Bio:

Eternally Damaged is a mix of computer-generated New Age and soft rock music combined with the beautiful voices of their two vocalists—Candice and Amanda. Jen composes the music and manages the band, while Jeff and the rest of the band are all songwriters.

“I asked Jeff to be our manager because I know he won’t rip us off,” Jen said, laughing.

"And also to check on weird noises late at night when the rest of us don’t feel like getting up," Amanda added.

"But he relinquished the manager’s position to me not too long ago," Jen finished.

Although they’re just a group of fun-loving friends, they treat each other like family. “Jeff, Candice, and Amanda are like my siblings,” Jen said. “We have our arguments but we get through them and move on.”

Their first album, Sans Voix, is making slow but steady progress. “We only have music to two of our songs that have lyrics, but we don’t have the lyrics recorded yet, because we don’t have a microphone,” Jen explains. “We’ve been writing songs like crazy; we have song lyrics coming out the ****, but we have only laid down two songs to music. We GOTTA get to work!!”

Jeff speaks for the band when he says, “We’re not looking to make a record deal or get rich and famous…”

“Although, that would be nice!” Jen interjects.

“We’re just in this for the fun of being creative,” Jeff finishes, shooting Jen a glance.

Although Jen is in a wheelchair due to a debilitating muscle disease, she tries to stay positive. “My emotions and feelings about being stuck in a wheelchair and all the other **** I’ve been through helps inspire me to write some of my best work. "

Candice leaves you with these last four words, “We are a family.”

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No lyrics recorded to this song yet - gotta get a good-quality mic for the studio