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Sullee Bio:

Sullee aka Young Heff, born Robert Sullivan is the next, big thing in hip hop. This self-confident MC spits lyrics like fire and crafts couplets with ease. Sullee's punch lines and his flows are as smooth as sonic silk. His solo debut album on Old South End Records LLC., which will be released in 2008, will prove to the world Sullee is one of greatest MCs of his generation. The young, debonair, playboy side that goes with his other nickname Young Heff (as in Hugh Heffner) and he completely lives up to that image with his love of having fun and his lifestyle.
Sullee has always loved and lived hip hop since he first heard the music as a child of the eighties. He developed his lyrical aspirations as quickly as 5 years old, under the management of Maurice Starr while in one of his groups TCB. In the summer of 2006 Sullee embarked on a trip to New York’s South Bronx after being selected as a cast member for “Ego Trip’s: The White Rapper Show.” The show was in a nutshell an elimination competition between 10 white rappers all vying for a grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars. Sullee approached the show as he would any other endeavor, which was with confidence and the objective of staying true to himself. His personality immediately shined as he became a fan favorite. His “I won’t take crap” attitude and smooth way with the ladies contributed to his popularity on the show. When Sullee left the show you could hear the nation gasp for air. Sullee felt it was his time to go as the show had tired him in the sense that it less about hip hop and more about entertainment and gimmicks. The challenge in which he left was the straw that broke the camel’s back. MC Serch asked Sullee and the other two competitors to blame each other for the loss of the challenge. Sullee believed this was not appropriate and wrote his last verse as an exodus to his stint on the show.

Young Heff, now off the show is embracing his new found fame, but working harder than ever so that his face will not be forgotten. Currently, he is working on his soon to be released album. Already it is shaping up to be a dominant force in 2008, which includes an All-Star list of featured artists and producers co-signing the young phenom. With joints like, “What Cha Tryn Do” featuring Joe Budden, and the current single “Today” with producers Cool & Dre. The album has a little of everything club bangers, party starters, serious songs and cuts that just show off Sullee’s amazing abilities on the mic. "With my album, I want to bring my view of the world to people." Some of the people that have already stepped into Sullee's world and given him their stamp of approval are Cool & Dre, Joe Budden, Busta Ryhmes, Rick Ross, Mims, Blackout, Producers Coalition of America, Claudette Ortiz, Billy Squier, and Teddy Riley on a rock track with Slash from Guns-Roses.

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