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All Crazy

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All Crazy
All Crazy Bio:

If ever there was a band that represented the true face of Philadelphia, it is the multi-racial, multi-talented, multi-faceted musical entity known as All Crazy. Formed in the winter of 2005, All Crazy has been working for the past two years to spread the spirit of brotherly love from its native city to the greater country as a whole. Drawing upon their various upbringings and musical backgrounds, the members of All Crazy have managed to channel rock, hip-hop, blues, soul, gospel, and even classical influences to form their very own genre of music: hip-rock. Blending violin melodies, rap lyrics, and catchy hooks over funky bass lines and guitar driven rock and roll, the band has incorporated the best aspects of all cultures to create a sound, image, and stage show that is entirely unique. With their debut album—Sex Drugs and Hip Rock—just released in the fall of 2007, All Crazy is now poised to show the rest of the country what hip-rock is all about. A feat that, judging by their rapidly burgeoning fan-base, they are well on their way towards accomplishing.

Despite their compositional innovation, however, perhaps the most enticing part of All Crazy is their hard-hitting, jam-heavy, energetic live shows. Given the band's unique make-up, it should come as no surprise that when All Crazy plays a live set, they pack venues with audiences equally as diverse as the band itself. Come to any All Crazy concert and you'll see the All Crazy Family—groups of loyal fans sporting the band's t-shirts, singing along with every last lyric, and dancing with band-members on stage. In recent months, All Crazy has taken their live show on the road in support of their debut album, hitting major venues up and down the east-coast, with primary stops in Hartford, Boston, Baltimore, Providence, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Washington DC, and New York City (where they made city finals the Bodog National Battle of the Bands, covered by FuseTV). At the end of the night—no matter what the city, state, or venue—it's always been an All Crazy guarantee that no fan leaves the building single, sober, or unsatisfied.

They have never once disappointed.

In the end, it is precisely the universality of All Crazy that seems to be the band's greatest appeal. They are equal parts a party band, musical innovators, and socially conscious poets. Their sound is a mix of urban and suburban, rock and rap, black and white. It is a sound that defies all labeling yet appeals to all people. If it didn't rock so hard, one might almost be tempted to call it hip-hop. If it didn't make you shake your **** so much, one might almost call it modern rock. When all is said-and-done, however, perhaps there is only one way to define All Crazy music: it is a sound that is free of all prejudice, open to all influences, and clear of all stereo-types. It is a sound that—as the title of their debut album implies—is all about the Sex Drugs and Hip-Rock.

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