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Many years ago it came apparent to me that I wanted nothing more than to work on music for a living. As of now I do all of the editing,engineering,writing "for my parts" and all of the mastering.We use other peoples promo beats and go from there.We would be thrilled to work in the industry as a pro artist if the chance came along.Our members are as follows. Lil Big Cuz, Young C, Aka Streetlife and me Minimack. We work with many other collab artists and such. When doing music and such we like to call it a hit on every song that we put out. I believe they are also and not just cause I believe they are but the amount of feedback I have got from our music is insane. We have fans all the way from metal heads all the way to christian/easy listeners. I hope you are able to enjoy our music also.We hope with the right dedication one day we will get the right attention and our music careers will sky rocket

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