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Kid Wayne

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Kid Wayne
Kid Wayne Bio:

Kid Wayne resides within the inner city streets of Dalton, Georgia. He began his musical career in church and advanced into song writing, singing, producing originals and promoting albums. By the age of 10 he knew his career would some how be connected to music. Kid Wayne's first performance outside of church was at The Historical Wink Theatre in Downtown Dalton IN 2004. He later on perform in local communities and theatres such as: Chattanooga Memorial Aditorium, Dalton High School, Club Elite, Jeckyll Island Resort, and many more. Kid Wayne's freshman demo cd was released in 2006 under the name of Holy Water and included long time partner and family member Andre Jhonson. Since then he has released 2 other Cds and has collaborated with 30 simard artists such as Yaweh's Elect, The Boss, PROOF, and many more. The music this young man produces can not be classified in any other catagory other than "THE TRUTH." THE TRUTH genre is not a new concept yet is scarce in today's media. This genre consists of political, analytical, virtuous, and concious lyrics and topics. Kid Wayne continues to expand his travel and distribute in his community the deep-rooted message of what is really going on today, economic, political, and socially.

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WE came up with this track basically by putting a little of our background mixxed with the background of some the young males in our society. On this we kinda hit points of what's been going down in the society that we livin in. Hope this paints the listener a picture.