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Thadd Williams-The Great One

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Thadd Williams-The Great One
Thadd Williams-The Great One Bio:

These days it's hard out here for a rapper. Being lyrical is not enough. You have to make up the complete package. You have to look the part, act the part, and be the part. The girls have to love you and the guys have to want to be you. You have to have that swagger, energy, attitude and talent all combined into the perfect package to make today's rap star. And that's exactly what The Districts Southern soldier Thadd Williams brings to the hip-hop world.
It's been along time coming for Thadd to drop his smash mixtape debut Diamond In the Rough but the South Carolina titan has enhanced his street buzz with mixtapes galore. Gearing up for his 1st album, the much anticipated and aptly titled Against the Grain, Mr. Williams is more than prepared to show folks he's what they've all been waiting for.
Thadd was born Thaddeus Williams 22 years ago in Columbia, SC. He grew up hard, living with his single mother, and cousin’s in Columbia, dubbed The Metro. At 14 young Thadd took to the streets of SC not selling drugs to survive, but sharpening his lyrical craft to make it out the hood. At the same time his mother was working two jobs, and he himself was contemplating dropping out of high school, he began a new hobby: rapping, which soon became a major focus in the young hustler's life. The Metro hip-hop scene was just beginning to bubble and Thadd wanted to be a part of it.
In 2005 Thadd caught the attention of the then growing and eventual home company The District Entertainment. The new-jack spent the next Two years recording and preparing for his introduction to the game, aligning with present manager Gerald “ G “ MCcaslin.
In 2007 Thadd dropped a worm up mixtape with Hood Hard Dj crew member Dj AAries,. "I was blessed to get the success that I got on this effort," the rapper says. "It really was good material, but it wasn't the best Thadd material."
Which brings Thadd Williams to his second effort? "Diamond in the Rough is a representation of the way I feel and it matches the identity of the records that fit my album and it's a promotion of my self," Thadd explains. And Diamond in the Rough is loaded with bangers as can be seen with the leak of his first single, produced "I’m good." Other guaranteed hits include "Best No Name" and "Riding Hard” both produced by Nova Kane. There's also "Riding Hard 2" produced by the Beat Regime and features Young Buck, Rush Hour and Nova Kane. This project is sure to be a classic for years to come.
Even though Thadd hasn't released an album to date he hasn't been bored. He's been busy plotting and planning. "I'm looking forward to having success with Diamond in the World, and from there I got the debut album Against the Grain coming and everything on the line," the MC says. "You got to grow as an artist. You got to reinvent yourself every time you come out. I don't believe in staying in the same space. I believe in getting better. At the end of the day, isn’t too much change as far as life. I still wake up everyday work from 9 to 5, pay my bills, write rhymes, and enjoy speaking for the common person who doesn’t own a phantom." Spoken like a true rap star.
Up Coming events:
Jan- 24-27th SEA Awards
Jan 08 – Tony Hawk Skate exhibition (Virginia)
Dec 07- Hood Hard T.V
July 07- Interview on
Dec 07- Interview on
Jan-08 – interview on
Projects Releases:
Dec 07- Diamond In the Rough
Jan 08- Beginners Luck
Current Play lists:
March 07- DJ Mick Boogie ( Riding High ) Dirty Work 15
DJ Mickey Knox- Hip Hop Nation
DJ Bedtyme357- Hate Money Radio
DJ Reg T- Unsigned Artist Showcase
DJ Furious Stylez- 66Raw
J Mack- Hood Hype radio

The Song is Hot, the artist has a lot of character; he rides the beat well – Lenny S VP A&R Def Jam
All Thadd’s records are HOT! DJ Prince Ice
The Track Runnin is Dope- DJ Mickey Knox
They are hot…for real they are good- Gavin Stienberg
Riding Hard is the best single I’ve heard in awhile-Dan Green
We Love Thadd’s Work-J Mack

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