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The All Starz

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The All Starz
The All Starz Bio:

The All-Starz, four crazy kids, one awesome group. With punk attittudes and skilled musicianship we offer a new sound to the music world. You can recognize us anywhere, as we have tendencies to wear the same shoes and sound better than everyone else. Besides bad drinking habits and the love of fast women, we are a dedicated and serious band looking not only to make a mark on the music world, but to scribble all over it with a big fat crayon. A fat, fat, fat one. The name, "The All-Starz" was created when we played a gig at a local church and couldn't use our original name, "Two Cheese-cakes and a Scumbag." Thinking quickly, our drummer Greg named us after his favorite shoes, the well renowned Converse All-Stars. The "s" was later changed to a "z" because we are dangerously unqualified to name a band. We currently reside in Long Island, NY and it smells like peaches.

The NEWS posted: 09 Jul 2004 07:46 PM
Hey whats up everybody. just to let all of our fans know the video for our single Breakdown was featured for the first time on national televison on Spike TV's Champ Car Racing! it can be seen on sundays but check your local listings Also we will be recording our first EP in september with producers Mike Watts ( as tall as lions, Waiting for april, Hopesfall ) so it should be pretty hot. We will be kicking off the tour here in New York, and will Be meeting with our friends Cool By Association (from colorado) to do a full tour down the east coast. -- If you would like The All Starz and Cool By Association to come play at your school or venue during the fall email