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Global Underground

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Global Underground
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I'm 19 been making beats and recording for around 4 years now. Would love to see this thing strike off for people, for me to help them and them to help me. I like all music, from rap to metal I'll relate with all. The beats on the site are not updated but will be soon.. Thanks

((Global Underground)) posted: 30 Nov 2007 02:14 PM
Hello to all members, I have a forum also that may help out with what you need or want. Global productions was set for bands, rappers, any and all kinds of music to be able to be produced over the web. I make beats, record vocals and all, the reasoning for global undergound is for people that don't have the time or money to provide to a studio, so therefore I'm bringing it to you. You send in tracks to be mixed, or I can send you beats to sing across then you send back for me to mix, it will all be way under the charge a actual studio would provide you. Please notify by my forum where my own buisness goes down and also discussion. Thanks The site is -- Royce