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Esculator Music is an interesting collage of soundscapes, musical styles and cultures. The album represents the various musical backgrounds of its collaborators, Robbin J. Harris and Toby Mak. Chishti is in essence these two individuals; musician, composer, producer, and record label owner Robbin J. Harris from the USA/Canada and musician, composer and co-producer Toby Mak from Australia.
This debut album from Chishti creatively depicts the impressions that were absorbed by Robbin J. Harris and Toby Mak during their prolonged stay in the hectic city of Hong Kong. The two musicians formed Chishti after getting acquainted with one another during some unrelated performances that brought their talents together. It was these first meetings that led to a strong musical bond which resulted in the creation of the album Esculator Music. An integral part of this bond was the shared vision of a stylisticly unconstrained record. By blending the different styles and vibes they had acquired from their separate musical paths they definitely achieved that goal which is embodied in the compositions of Esculator Music.
Chishti seamlessly weaves House, Drum and Bass, Bop, Dub, and Ambient into a wonderful concept album taking the listener on a journey through one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities. This album represents a promising beginning from Chishti and is sure to catch the ear of many listeners from many different walks of life. Be on the look out for further albums from these two in the near future. Also keep an eye on the fresh new independent record label Deep Down Records, already boasting four releases covering many musical genres.
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