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Padlock Grim

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Padlock Grim
Padlock Grim Bio:

Padlock Grim is an original rock band from Upper East Tennessee, comprised of Josh Dunn (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Price (Guitar), James Dalton (Bass) and Cary Dewit (Drums). The band was originally formed in late 2006.

After nearly 3 years of almost constant member turmoil, the band has taken a turn toward slightly more aggressive music, fueled by the frustrations of keeping the ball rolling through seemingly never ending line-up changes, a marriage, and a childbirth. After a long break to take the time to find the RIGHT group of people, and not just settle on "who-ever can play", the band now has their sights set on "Bigger, Better, and Higher" goals than EVER before.

All the members of the band have a deep love for rock of all sorts, which gives life to a sound that can only be described as " Good ol' **** kickin', Head Banging, Hard driving, Fist in the Air, American ROCK AND ROLL" .

With a "Take no Prisoners" stage show that seems to scream "listen to us or we'll break your face", and an ARSENAL of heavy hitting original music, such as "Something About You", "Too Hard, Too Much, Too Fast", "Face Me", and "Can You Feel It?", as well as some less commonly covered, "out of the vaults" cover songs, such as, "Customs Man", " Rockin' in the Free World", "White Room", and, "Cocaine", Padlock Grim WILL entertain and surprise you, and WILL get your blood moving!!!

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