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T.O.E. (Paulina Caine)

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T.O.E. (Paulina Caine)
T.O.E. (Paulina Caine) Bio:

Paulina Caine is the lead singer and lyricist for the ambient/electronic duo BASIC DESIRE in Australia.

Together with Kubik (the composer who also produces their music), they combine electronic sounds with truly melodic vocals, releasing some of the country's most beautiful and haunting electronic music.

Born in Poland, Paulina received classical training, but decided to pursue a pop career when she moved to Australia. She has performed with a number of original and cover bands (Flame, On the Edge, Chemical Jane, Accents and Jamez Jonez Experience).

Paulina's esoteric and extremely expressive voice is the driving force behind BASIC DESIRE, allowing the group to develop such a powerful style of music. It has been compared to the delicate and sweet sound of Julee Cruise, as well as, to the powerful belting of Sara Brightman.

“Paulina Caine is the Diva. Versatile and vibrant, she delivers a performance that is classy, charming, sexy and fun!”
Ron Trigwell, Relax Radio

Paulina's collaboration with Kubik landed her various radio and television appearances including Channel 7 Telethon, ABC, SBS, Polish Radio Krakow and an independent release of their songs in UK and Holland. At the same time, Paulina has been performing at festivals around the country - PolArt Festival, Christmas Concerts in Darling Harbour, Perth Festival, Kosciuszko Run and Conscious Living – and toured with overseas acts, such as BoneyM. She has also been asked to perform the National Anthem at various sporting events.
Her repertoire consists mainly of ballads, tapping into our basic human emotions. They are perfectly suited for mature audiences and the intimate atmosphere of smaller venues, but her powerful voice is also capable of filling large venues.

NEW ALBUM coming soon! posted: 21 Mar 2007 10:56 AM
TOUCH OF ETERNITY's brilliant new album "STREAMS OF ETERNITY" coming soon to the store near you! "Expect very soft and dreamy vocals set against lush and hypnotic melodies, which build into some powerful, catchy choruses." Paulina

Paulina Caine - support act for BoneyM Tour! posted: 23 Feb 2005 07:16 AM
Paulina Caine (from Australian electro-pop duo TOUCH OF ETERNITY) will support cult disco band BoneyM, on their Australian tour in March. For details, see: