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Brace the Fall

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Brace the Fall
Brace the Fall Bio:

Dating back to summer '03, Brace the Fall (known at the time as Apollo) started out as just a weekend side project from the day to day minimum wage life, with founding members Jeff Stone, Cameron Duskin, Ryan Ramey, and Brian Schmidt (Schmidty). The band got off to a quick start, releasing a five song EP out of their own pocket. A few months later Stone's younger brother Derek Alford was invited to jam, and a week after that Richard Omier became the bass player for us. With two brand new members and a second wave of inspiration, Brace the Fall immediatly began working on new material in genres that were not possible before without the Indie-Jazz/ Funk influence of Omier and the Punk/Hardcore influence of Alford.
Brace The FAll was a familiar sight at local band competitions from KUFO to Outlaw's. BTF was recently voted "BEST BAND" in the Regional Finals for the Emergenza International Band Competition, beating out 139 other local bands for the honored award. BTF finally decided that band competitions help no one but those promoting it.
Since leaving the world of scams behind, Brace the Fall is on a new path musically. They can be seen displaying their skills at Dante's, Berbatti's Pan, The Ash St. Saloon and other venues around town.

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