Spiritual Bands

Kenneth Higgins - Spiritual - 
The artist Kenneth Higgins was born on a November full moon in London and now lives a fairly private life in AsiaTo me, starting a musical piece is much like approaching a canvas and at times it feels like the energy just passes through and its...
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Bible in Song - Spiritual - Edwardstown, South Australia
Hear the Bible come alive through song Over 7 hours of psalms, proverbs and other popular Bible passages composed to the King James Bible Visit the Bible in Song website for more info, music downloads, song trivia, Bible games and puzzles, Bible...
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Gabriel of Urantia & The Bright & Mornin - Spiritual - Sedona, AZ
Gabriel of Urantia The Bright Morning Star Band creates the intimacy and spiritual sincerity of a singer-songwriter with the groove and excitement of a 9-piece intergalactic jam-band Think James Taylor meets James Brown - Bob Dylan meets Bob...
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Shannon Reigns - Spiritual - Oregon
When God gives me words to a song sometimes Im forced to pull over and write it downThats how Shannon described the way she wrote many of the songs on her current CD Each song on her CD is a reflection of Shannons own journey and walk with the Lord...
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Strait Up - Spiritual - Macon, GA
Goodness of GodWe all come from music backgrounds, mostly southern roots but have played all kinds of music We went seperate ways some years ago and reunitedIt was just time to do this projectThanks for takin the time to listenStrait Up
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God's Child - Spiritual - texas
Gods Child is the solo work of 27yr old musician Joshua Espinoza All music was written, performed, recorded, produced by Joshua in his home studio in Texas
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