Speed Metal Bands

dougsimcic - Speed Metal - new york
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Matt Odom - Speed Metal - 
This is just some I came up with in the summer of 2009 Needs some sick solos in there, but I never was much of a lead player Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed Ill post some new later cheers
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INTRUDER - Speed Metal - Hollywood, California
In April of 2008, Intruder, a savage metal band, emerged from the ancient soils in which separate our world from the tormenting inferno us mortals call hell Tarzanlead singer Mikelead guitar and Marianorytham guitar, joined diabolical forces in...
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riotor - Speed Metal - Canada
Sworn to THRASH RIOTOR was twisted into form by possessed veterans and younger maniacs from the Qubec City metal scene and has been CRUSHING POSERS since early 2007 The hellish flame to form an uncompromising old school thrash metal band was ignited...
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ARKILLERY - Speed Metal - ......

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Chainsnap - Speed Metal - wisconsin
Formed 2002, released3 sond demo CD 2003, released full length Hollow cd 2004 Spent 2004 supporting CD with tour with performances with Damage Plan, Drowning Pool, Death AngelMilwaukee Metal Fest, Hatebreed, Exodus, Mastodon, Bile, Mushroomhead,...
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Fentanyl - Speed Metal - Rotterdam, Netherlands
It all started by the end of 2003 when Padja and Pos booked a rehearsal room to muck about with some ideas Both boys were heavily into speed, thrash and death metal, and wanted to put some kind of tribute together for the legendary Carcass One thing...
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