song comment for My Broken heart

Anyone would definetely say that this song "sucks"! but personally I say that this song "Really sucks". But thats funny because I think that this song Sucks so much that it is actually good I love it! - AWASMURILLO 07/22/11

This track is awesome. dont stop writing music. you have got to follow your hearts, even if they may feel broken sometimes or lead you down dark paths. you dont have to drink over your limit to forget. music is the answer to everything....even if you hate everything and have a broken heart...sorry. Jade Jessops x - Jade Jessops 05/03/11

this is genuinely awful, how the hell is it in the chart? get some singing lessons - anon 03/12/11

really? you should probably take up knitting and put down the guitar. - stillifeband 12/18/07

Your song really touched 'my broken heart'. oh my god :'( you emo freaks :D - MonoBrow 'wish it was a penis' Powers 09/13/07

umm how did this get to number 1 im sorry but ahhh practice ur guitar playing and singing please for the sake of my ears - Ema 05/20/07

tang ina nyo PANGIT kanTA nyO ULOL....! - psyche 01/09/07

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