song comment for NEXT STOP EARTH

Hello, My name is JonathanK and I am a member of the One Condoms street team. I came across your music and I really think that you would be a great fit for a new program called "Listen to One" One will provide you with an online profile at OneCondoms(DOT)com that showcases your music and includes upcoming concerts and links to your web site. You will also receive condoms and merchandise featuring your logo that you can give away at your shows. In exchange, all you need to do is permit One to use one of your songs a limited number of times for promotional purposes. If you're interested, please visit onecondoms(DOT)com/listen. Click on the link labeled "Score free product for your band," and don't forget to let them know that I referred you. Thanks, - - JonathanK 11/02/11

hi guys i dj on witchezbrew and was wondering if i could play a couple of your tracks on show one week, and if you could come into chat room on that date. please get in touch if you want to sort out a date. cheers - geddyfish church 01/17/11

hi , allthis song is a great piece for those who are sicik for the music snd. - raghavc gautam 08/30/10

tight clean drumming! - dave 07/29/10

I have a radio station on the internet called warmz radio I would like to play your song on it please let me know I'm a artist too me and my friend plays prophetic rock or heavy metal ,I need enough songs to go on air let others know if you don't mind Thanks John - albert matthews 04/25/09

It does seem unfair that a band that will not be playing any shows or writing new music is legit for using the charts. There are alot of artists that are current that could use this, but they are being ripped off. Especialy the paying artists of this site. Hope this is site wide all the time - coverdrums 04/14/09

rockin sound, to bad yall broke up! - whitetigerlily1069 04/08/09

Great mix of stabning vocals and hard hitting insturments, it takes me back to the old days. I love it 2 thumbs up - Mr. Cheese Belly 02/26/09

Nice song, a little reminiscent of Metallica. Guitar a little off, doesn't quite blend in with the vocals, but overall a good sound. - bethi 09/09/08

I would like to play your music on my internet radio station, contact me for more info. ASAP Thanks, Onesexy DJ - Darcy 09/08/08

This site needs a system where you can't click on your own songs as many times as you want everyday and boost your chart position...that's kinda lame don't ya think. - GuitarMan76 08/03/08

Excellent. Music production and performance all top notch. Reminded me a little of "Alice in Chains" which of course is a good thing. - Smileygeezer 07/12/08

Nice raw signin and nice scooped guitar sound were u guys from ? anyways well done **************************** - guest 06/25/06

Yeah brothers ! thats rock & roll Great production, Great tune, Bad boy sounds. Keep up the great work. I also have a site here under Andy Durand. And flote up in the top ten now and then with you guys. give it a listen if ya want. Keep em coming ... Andy Durand.... - guest 06/10/06

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