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...Starting with the Great War between the Affrage and the Diplomats, the struggle for power, resources, slaves and planetary occupation raged on through generations. Most of the earliest recorded galactic history was lost during the 2nd Quadrant Burn, when hundreds of galaxies were disintegrated by a disaster on a planet-sized weapons development satellite. This catastrophe affected different races in unique ways. Some sought to take control of the remaining resources and governments, others were content to be ruled. Still, others were desperate to find a calm existence in a natural environment where generations of peaceful development could eventually lead to a positive dominance in their dimension. These people banded into diverse tribal units under one code and called themselves the Dreemurz. These beings stood for peace and preservation, progress and protection, love and hope - the common dream of most higher sentient corporal life forms. Early on in their history, thousands in the tribes of Dreemurz eluded the battle front and war-ravaged solar regions, and dispersed throughout the remaining galaxies in the uncontaminated outer lying quadrants. One tribe had earlier restored the songs and poems of their pre-space age ancestors from a transparent acetate platter that was found sealed in a Prism Ice meteor fragment floating in a sea of asteroids - once an inhabited galaxy. These songs and poems preserved the truths and principles of the Dreemurz nation and each of the tribes took a set of scrolls with them as they split up in search of refuge from the ceaseless conflicts in known space...
From “The Citadel of Cynosure and Other Tales ©rmdw/gw/we
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About DUNGEONS OF WAR ©G. Whitman (BMI)
This song is written from the perspective of the Earth looking on as we tiny, temporal beings blow each other up – and the land and animals too! Without taking a political side (we’re ‘centerists’ using the extremes to find the middle) everyone can agree that war is a dungeon of pain and suffering, usually led by those behind the scenes who never get their own hands bloody…all for a crown, for the conquest…grown-up neighborhood bullies who take from others by force that which they cannot attain on their own merits… Dungeons of War also takes a few biblical lines into the discussion, “this is the season to make plowshares from our swords” and also fits into the Citadel of Cynosure storyline as the battle that forces the Dreemurz and Rezistors to make the ultimate choice when the Affrage invade their domain.