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A little bit of band history: Bob Wisenor was a member of the Bon Jovi Pizza Jury in '94 where he was inspired to take his songs out of his dark basement and into the darker clubs and bars of Pittsburgh. He formed the band Regulation Planet and has played anywhere and everywhere.
Regulation Planet, with over half a million song plays on myspace has played the second stage for
Bon Jovi in '01, Bon Jovi in '03 and for other great bands like The Goo Goo Dolls, Creed, Def Leppard, Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue, and the Scorpions at the Post-Gazette Pavillion in Pittsburgh. Also Regulation Planet just opened at a club show for 40FT.Ringo (Ex members of Trixter) @ the Boardwalk in Pittsburgh. With big new National gigs to be announced this summer.
(Go to the Regulation Planet bandsite to see all the pictures)

Regulation Planet can be seen regularly at The Hard Rock Cafe "Pittsburgh"

What do you get when you take big catchy hooks, superb hard pop songs and play them with heavy metal guitars?


Regulation Planet is from Pittsburgh PA in an area called Moon Township. Regulation Planet's debut album produced by: Dave Granati, Bob Wisenor.

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Hard Rock-Power Pop-Soulful Rock n Roll-Pop Metal

(Bon Jovi meets Metallica!)
(Motley Crue meets Staind!)
(What if Jon Bon Jovi and Steve Vai started a band?)

Regulation Planet was born in 1997 when Singer/Songwriter Bob Wisenor was looking to recruit musicians to record his songs for a full length cd. This self titled release created a strong underground interest that led to many spots opening for National acts!
When you write great songs and add Bon Jovi/Def Leppard style vocals and harmonies over top of heavier more "up to date" guitars, you get big catchy songs with a harder edge that people can still Rock out and dance too!

The band has done many high profile shows locally. Most notably:
Bon Jovi 2003, Bon Jovi 2001, Def Leppard 2000, Poison, Ratt, La Guns, Motley Crue, The Scorpions, Great White, The Goo Goo Dolls, 40FT.Ringo(Featuring Steve Brown and PJ Farley of TRIXTER).......etc......

Wisenor and his band gravitate toward thick, catchy choruses and lyrics with an uncluttered view of love, just like New Jersey's favorite big-haired band.
You can bet a bottle of mousse that Regulation Planet sounds a bit like Bon Jovi, particularly in the pop-metal-ish vocal exertions of Bob Wisenor of Pittsburgh.
It is Wisenors clear, crisp vocals that are the forfront.
No wonder Regulation Planet was hired to warm up the crowd for Bon Jovi's 2001 and 2003 concerts at P-G Pavilion in Burgettstown. Regulation Planet also has performed on P-G Pavilion's side stage for Motley Crue-Scorpions and Ratt-Poison concerts.
Regulation Planet must be doing well in the role of opener, as the band was invited back to town on Sunday to pep up fans attending the 40FT.Ringo concert(featuring members of Trixter).
I am blessed," said Wisenor, who also lists among his band's career highlights performing for 6,000 college-aged kids at a University of Pittsburgh festival.
Because Regulation Planet often ends up linked on Bon Jovi Web pages, the local quartet has sold nearly 3,000 CDs in Europe!- You've got to salute a band that makes such uplifting, kick-up-the-jams music.
As Regulation Planet continues to grow artistically, let's celebrate the band for what it now is: A skilled and entertaining local outfit that has seen thousands of faces, and has rocked them all. --(Scott Tady "Beaver County Times")

Bob Wisenor nailed it! Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar. Bob is the songwriter and leader of his band and his own destiny.
He proudly stands tall and does not shun his 80's roots! With many shows and experience he has managed to mix his love of 80's music with a current heavier edged sound. He is considered by the press and his peers to be a top notch songwriter and great singer/performer. This album has lots of Rock, it is flavored with Metal, it is dripping with Soul and sprinkled with Funk...and they didnt forget to drop a couple love soaked ballads! It is littered with infectous hooks that will make a home in your head to stay and keep you up all night! You can not help but to sing and dance along!
This album is a must have! Debut album REGULATION PLANET: 4 stars!!!!... (The Pittsburgh Compass)

CDBABY~Happy Customers

Reviewer: Donna
Regulation Planet are a fantastic band.Their Cd is a must have. The lyrics,instruments,etc: are all superb and i love every song on it.Excellent!

Regulation Planet Cd's is Great
Reviewer: Kazzie
Regulation Planet Cd is Great I love every song on the cd. There Lyrics are fantastic and bob and the guys play fantastic. Wish i had know about them for longer. I must see live band.

Regulation Planet Cd totally Rocks!
Reviewer: Cath
I think Regulation Planet cd is fantastic, Bob has an exellent singing voice, all instruments are brilliantly played,and i also love the lyrics of all songs. I only found out about this band about a year ago and i wish i'd heared them a long time before, i think Regulation Planet totally Rock, i'm a number1 fan!

Loving the CD !
Reviewer: iz
Tracks like Pitching Pennies/Moon Song/Hold Me will see Regulation Planet go all the way...good luck guys!

REGULATION PLANET cd review by Bling Bradshaw

This cd is 5 stars!!!!!! Chinatown, Fight for you and Domicile are my favorites!
The whole cd is awesome. Saw Bob and the guys play at both Bon Jovi shows
and the 40FTRINGO show among countless club gigs. They rock.
The most appealing thing about RP is that they are not faking it. What you see is
what you get. From when they rock out and tear up the stage all the way to the
sense of humor they have on stage. This is one of the few bands that when you
see them for the first time you feel like it is your 10th and that they are your
friends already! Great Band! DESTINED FOR STARDOM!!!

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