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Fortune Bio:

Fortune has existed as a collective of musicians looking to produce and experience and eclectic form of progressive dance rock: After over a year of putting ideas together and a lifetime of musical involvement it has taken its current form. With influences ranging form dark dance to thrashing punk, folk rock to funk, we have settled comfortably into fortunes steamy hybrid of alternative beats.

It is always an arduous task when forced to explain our influences as all music, good or bad has affected our sound. Whilst Moloko, Breakbeat Era and Lamb are strong favourites, early crossover acts such as Human Waste Project and Senser have also inspired our work, as have Fathless, Radiohead and Rage.

It has always been our intention to pursue a distinct, experimental direction.

Our musical friendship is based, above all, on our very eclectic musical backgrounds. Inspiration is taken from our daily lives: The rawness of Cardiffs live alternative scene to bedroom beats and the ever evolving drum & bass dance floors And from this Fortune have created an atmospheric mix of, live dance music. We have progressed from sweaty bedroom sessions (an orgy of ideas, riffs and neighbourly input.) to organising successful local music events.

Not only do we love to create, we live to play live And we have put our collective force into maintaining an edgy and exclusive party vibe for all the family. We have always shrugged off attempts to define ourselves, as to do so would restrict both our audience and our creativityAnd we have learnt that all forms of music can co-exist noisily and beautifully. We are people who love the fact that live dance music has progressed into unpretentious, accessible and meaningful music.

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