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Nova DJs - Drum And Bass - Waterloo, NSW, Australia
Welcome to Nova DJs, one of the best companies for Wedding DJ hire and Corporate events Hire a friendly, outgoing DJ :D
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One-Winged Angel - Drum And Bass - Oklahoma City, OK

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Jack MF Union - Drum And Bass - Southend On Sea
40 year old Rudeboy from Ardwick, ManchesterBeen bashing the beats for 20 years, but havent pulled my finger out and tried to get noticed, just kept on makin track after track Got over 3 albums worth of wicked tunes, but i guess you will have to...
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Black Ops - Drum And Bass - UK
Being a Club DJ, I had an idea of what club goers wanted, and fed my creativity with pounds of computer programming
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Mushino - Drum And Bass - 
I Love It Boom Boom Boom Boom Baaaarrrppp Bwap Bwap Baaarrrrp Bwop Bwop
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Gabbenni Amenassi - Drum And Bass - Russia
2010Gabbenni Amenassi - Album as Janne Haze http:wwwgabbenniamenassicomall-newsreleasegabbenni-amenassi-album-as-janne-haze-VA RusZUD 13 2010 http:wwwarchiveorgdownloadrz170rz170zipLets My Dubhttp:wwwarchiveorgdownloadSRmp3166SRmp3166zipGet away...
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Magnetic Goat - Drum And Bass - 
Animation student turned experimental DJ
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The Dubstep Duo - Drum And Bass - 

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To The Moon - Drum And Bass - Baltimore, MD
With breaks that lounge for just long enough time to let you pull yourself together Its hard to understand that its a three-piece group with enough sound to feed a family To The Moon is instrumental retreat that keeps you awaiting for words to...
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OBEDIENTBONE - Drum And Bass - Dartmoor, Devon, UK
OBEDIENTBONE are an accomplished live band and studio production team The trio produce a unique hybrid of song-based d n b dark pop hip hop Blending programming with a diverse range of live instrumentation they sculpt edgy evocative recordings...
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henchman - Drum And Bass - the grimy side of the jungle
henchman, aka jack carter, producer, mc, dj an general music freak been producin bout 2 years, tryin to find something new an fresh for the ravers to brock to started off on the playstation messin bout with music 2000, then decided to get a pc an...
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BASSiCK TRAXX - Drum And Bass - Zagreb, Croatia
BASSiCK TRAXX are 3 producers who grew up on hip-hop and reggae We did some undergroung hip-hop tracks back in the 90s After a creative break we joined forces in 2005 and work together now to create drumbass, dub, breaks, hip-hop and dancehall...
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MC-Turnip - Drum And Bass - Dover
turnip came, saw, then kicked
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Nervejunktion - Drum And Bass - ontario canada
In 1996
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minimum system requirements - Drum And Bass - Croatia
In the winter of 2001 in the dark basement of one small club in downtown Zagreb the bass player met the guitar player for the first time In a few days they started jammin togetha in the bass players kitchen and discovered that they musicaly very...
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Don Ramos - Drum And Bass - Nottingham
:::: : : : : : : : W e l c o m ecolororangeDj Bookings via email, leave a contact numberRecordings availablecolorVotestream awayYour own vocals colororangecolorOriginal tracks mastered colororangecolorWanting a rmx...
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DjViViD - Drum And Bass - Braiding your optic nerve and eardrums together
You may have seen or heard me doing live sets in the LA scene since about 2001 Fox Theater, Q-topia, Club Blue Mixed at a few Massives Ive been dabbling with music comp for a few years now on and off so I havent really gotten to the plateu I want...
www.unsignedbandweb.com/DjViViD - Last Update: October 26th, 2006 - 10:18 PM

Pyro was born and raised in South East London His interest in music reflected the environment he grew up in with a multi-cultural diet of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, hip hop and learning to play the guitar at a very early ageWhen I...
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DJ Trauma - Drum And Bass - Cornwall UK

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Lo-Fi Spy - Drum And Bass - Columbus, Ohio
Lo-Fi Spy was born of the concept of dualismthat from disaster arises opportunity, that from pain is born to the ability to shape sound into portals to dark places and forgotten times For Lo-Fi founder, Phillip Clapham, that pain-driven opportunity...
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J.Digital - Drum And Bass - Scumdee
I primarily make drum and bass mostly although i dabble in hip hop and breakcore The equipment I use mainly is my computer running sony acid 50 for sequencing, sound forge 60 for editing samples and synthesis, with various plugins and other bits and...
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