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#1 Unsigned Artist Simplistic Genius
Simplistic Genius (Manchester)
  Influences: Placebo mixedwith...
  Members: 3
Artist info

Simplist Genius formed as a spin off band from Blue Silk a band containing all 3 members: guitarist and lead vocalist Sam Hodgson, bassist and backing vocalist James Marchant and drummer Duncan Crichton. The band play indie music with influences...

#2 Electric Co.
Electric Co. (UK)
  Plays: 351
  Influences: U2, Bloc Party, Foo...
  Members: Andrew Huke, Andy Storey,...
Artist info

Brought together in Brighton UK 2005 electric.Co are a band not trying to sound like anyone else or be part of a scene were just here to write songs and play our music and hope that youll like it. Its catchy in parts its spiky in parts its...

#3 Unsigned Artist Arrogant Wale
Arrogant Wale (Chesterfield)
  Plays: 1570 | Saves: 5616
  Influences: The Los Padres, The...
Artist info

Mat Wale (Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica) Jack Collister (Multi-Instumentalist) Long time friends and sometime star crossed lovers Mat wale and Jack Collister formed Arrogant Whale in a drunken jam at Stainsby folk festival. After forming they...

  Plays: 873 | Saves: 1063
Artist info

Shanterra Avery was born and raised in the New haven area of connecticut. The 22 year old rapper has always been very muscial, and has always been fascinated with music. Growing up she was constantly glued to the stereo, and the televison because...

#5 Unsigned Artist olivier miranda
olivier miranda (amsterdam)
  Plays: 1681 | Saves: 1674
  Influences: hendrix,miles davis,larry...
Artist info

Session guitarist based in amsterdam

SIG_INT (Bielefeld, Germany)
  Plays: 407 | Saves: 1272
  Members: J.Yaqub
Artist info

Harsh Electro http://www.kastormusic.tk

#7 Unsigned Artist krohme
krohme (VA)
  Plays: 190
Artist info

Drop by www.godsendant.com for more audio and info. krohme

#8 Drop Anchor
Drop Anchor (Philadelphia, PA)
  Plays: 329 | Saves: 593
  Influences: Cave In, Quicksand,...
  Members: Kevin, Matt, Brad, Kevin,...
Artist info

Drop Anchor is a 5 piece rock outfit from Philadelphia PA. Forming in 2007, the core of the band is derived from the former Philly band "Imprint". Adding Matt Buckley on guitar, and Kevin Benedix on percussion & keys immediately broadened the...

#9 Unsigned Artist counter-ego
  Plays: 88
  Members: shafa shaban, mohamed...
Artist info

Formed in 1998 originaly as a quartet which included Jano Charbel on guitar, Mohamed Menza on drums, Shafa Shaban on guitars/vocals, and Amir "Hector Osbert" Saman on bass in Cairo, Egypt. The band hit a snag in 2000 when Shafa moved to Texas, and...

#10 angelspeak
angelspeak (Pittsburgh, PA)
  Plays: 723
  Influences: Christian rock
  Members: Michael Stover
Artist info

Angelspeak is the creation of lead vocalist and songwriter, Michael Stover. Michael is a former member of Forever Endeavor (Christian Metal), Stormfront (rock) and 2nd to None (coverband). He is a Billboard Magazine Songwriters Contest winner...

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