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#1 Unsigned Artist Deludo
Deludo (Oslo, Norway)
  Plays: 702
  Members: Avon Halo, Leo deQuinto
Artist info

Starring: Avon Halo - Voice & Fuzz Leo deQuinto - Acid Licks ...

#2 Gareth McLaughlin
Gareth McLaughlin (N Ireland)
  Influences: Beatles, Kinks, Who, Paul...
  Members: Gareth McLaughlin
Artist info

Original tunes, that are memorable, catchy and hopefully enjoyable.

#3 Unsigned Artist Klaus Marten
Klaus Marten (NYC)
  Plays: 135 | Saves: 929
  Influences: The Beatles, Smashing...
  Members: Klaus Marten
Artist info

Lived in NYC for the last two years. Have been recording instrumental music since I was 14, currently doing it on my laptop out of my bedroom in Brooklyn.

#4 Mr. Downstairs
Mr. Downstairs (Los Angeles)
  Influences: Shiny Toy Guns, 30 Seconds...
Artist info

Mr Downstairs featuring Dani Artaud and Asia Whiteacre formed in late 2010. Expect a new album in the vein of Dark Indie Pop along with touring schedule in early 2011.

#5 Unsigned Artist UltimateFX
  Plays: 607 | Saves: 2315
  Influences: Shit I dont Know
Artist info

We are a Band that uses Few Vocals And A whole lot of sound effects and computer generated Instruments. Using Styrus and Plucked (Synth Generators) we create Instrument sounds No one has ever Heard. We want to Prove how easy it is to create...

#6 Subversive Intentions
Subversive Intentions (Brunswick, ME)
  Plays: 72 | Saves: 618
  Influences: Brighter Death Now, Big...
  Members: nd dentico vocals,...
Artist info

Subversive Intentions began as little project in the summer 2004 by nd dentico and ryan moore of (at that moment) the band The Last Gasp. At that point it was little more than a few tape recoders a computer and completely different name (Slow...

#7 Unsigned Artist Saratoga Park
Saratoga Park (Vancouver, WA USA)
  Plays: 841 | Saves: 971
  Influences: Fleetwood Mac, Dave...
  Members: Paul & Ginger Howard
Artist info

Since 1989, Paul & Ginger Howard have been writing and performing music under several pseudonyms. The most current, Saratoga Park, has been going since 1997 and they have performed both acoustically and with an entire ensemble. Currently, they...

#8 Makar Garaev
Makar Garaev (Belarus, Minsk)
  Plays: 243 | Saves: 528
  Members: Makar Garaev
Artist info

Makar Garaev is one of the most talented and perspective pop artists in Eastern Europe. He is quite famous for his ability to make tracks in English and follow the lattest trends in pop and dance music, which hugely support the rise of his...

#9 Unsigned Artist POLISH
  Plays: 69
  Influences: Many
  Members: Me
Artist info

Check this Luton boy running his mouth to his beats. Strong, offensive language. All the best **** then. Find more at http://www.polishjangsta1.bandcamp.com

#10 onset86
  Plays: 252 | Saves: 434
No artist info

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