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I don't usually give away my secrets, but...

A million listeners for your music and all from a free piece of software. Yes it's true, astonishingly; this fantasy is now a reality. There's now a free "set it and forget it" tool that just simply brings a million listeners to your music.

This dream is now a reality thanks to the inspiration and hard work of a brilliant British programmer who goes by the name of Rip Cord. Originally this program was used for generating web traffic, but it can also be used to bring you listeners and the opportunity to be known to literally millions of people.

Rip spent almost 12 months figuring out the ultimate solution that would allow absolutely anyone to pull huge amounts of people to their music archive or web page completely for free and most importantly, without any effort.

This work resulted in an amazing piece of software that's unlike anything you've ever seen before and better yet, you can have it for free.

You'll understand how it works when you've finished reading this.

At last you can FORGET all about:

Page Ranks
AdWords or PPC
Web site Optimisation
SEO and Black Hat Techniques
Exchanging Links
Forget Traffic Exchanges:

Forget having to sign up for anything
Forget annoying toolbars
Forget traffic exchange membership
Forget unwanted emails
Forget having to build credits
Forget traffic exchange fees
This is the best method I've ever seen. Literally anyone can pull huge amounts of people to their music for free! All it takes is this free software and a couple of minutes to set up. And because this is a piece of software that can be shared on CD or even floppy disk, even musicians without web sites can use this to get vast amounts of traffic to their music.

How It Works

Two Simple Principles That Allow Your Music To Reach A Million People

Principle 1:

Take small numbers and then multiply them up a few times. Very quickly you get HUGE numbers.

Here's an example.

1 x 10 = 10
10 x 10 = 100
100 x 10 = 1000
1000 x 10 = 10,000
10,000 x 10 = 100,000
100,000 x 10 = 1,000,000

Principle 2:

Everyone wants to be heard so they do what they can to promote their own music.

The brilliant software engineer behind this system has combined these two simple and undeniable facts in an incredibly ingenious way to produce a free piece of software which any musician can use to promote their music and reach up to one million individual listeners.

3 Steps To Reach Your Listeners

Step 1:

If you haven't done it already just download the free software (You'll find a link at the bottom of this page). The software is free to download and it's also free to use.

Step 2:

When you run the software you'll notice that it displays 6 URLs (mine is the last one ( The addresses for these pages are embedded within the actual machine code of the program itself.

Importantly, they can be changed by you because the program has been written in such a way that it can actually re-write itself.

This means that you can change it to include the link to your music archive or web site address. Relax though, even Grandma can do this. Just enter the URL of your music archive or web site onto the screen and the program automatically updates itself.

Step 3:

Now just give the updated program away.

You can easily do this either through your web site, on disk or via a mailing list if you have one. From now on, the free software will promote your site and the number of visitors you get will increase exponentially as the program is passed around.

That's the system. It really is astonishingly simple. But don't be fooled by its' simplicity because it's also very powerful. Just give it away to ten people or more and because of the two principles on which it's based you will see huge return.

100x Better Than Web Based Systems

Unlike some web based systems that may appear outwardly similar, the beauty of the software is that you can see with your own eyes that your music archive link or web page has been incorporated within the program itself before you pass it on. This means that you absolutely know for sure that your music or page will be displayed for a full six generations. This is so much better than having to rely on "trust" or "review me" requests which are what you have to do with almost every other system or exchange to get listeners to your music.

Your URL will remain within the software for 6 generations (updates). Because of principle 1 (see above) your music can be listened to by a million or more individual people.

Let Other People Do The Work

Download it here: Update it. Give it away. It really doesn't get any easier than this.

It's the other musicians' desire for promoting their music that will drive ever increasing amounts of genuine listeners to your music. It works just the same for them too. The people who get the software from you will add their own URL and pass it on to as many people as they can too. They're going to do this because they want to promote their music just like you do.

Whenever the software is passed on your URL remains embedded within the software and your web page will continue to be displayed to everyone who subsequently opens it.

This happens again and again and again as the program is passed around to more and more people and your music will be heard by more and more people. If each person (including you) only passes it on to ten more people, your music will be available to more than a million people!

10x10x10x10x10x10 = 1,000,000.

How Long To Get a Million Hits? Is It Guaranteed?

The numbers get very big very quickly.

Because other people want to promote their music or sites you can expect them to pass on as many copies as they can.

Some people might not pass on very many copies and other people will pass on loads more than 10. This means that whoever updates it after you, you should easily be able reach a million visitors or even more. The only question is how quickly. I can't put a specific time on it but the way I see it, a million listeners are a million listeners.
Heck the software to do this is completely free to download and completely free to use. It takes just a couple of minutes to update it with your URL or web page, then there's not much to do other than wait for huge amounts of people so it's a win win situation whichever way you look at it.

It Stops the Cheats

The software program has been written with great care so that you and anyone else who gets the software can add ONLY ONE URL.
After that it must be passed on.

It's also a fact that even without the security measures, it would be pointless to cheat anyway since to get most listeners you want your link to be displayed for a full 6 generations of the software.

Download it here: Update it. Give it away. It really doesn't get any easier than this.

You'll only get the most visitors if your link is in the bottom position (position 6) when you pass the software on. So even if someone somehow managed to move their link up from position 6 they would only be cheating themselves!

Free Software - Free To Use 1 Million Listeners For Free - This Is A "No Brainer"

I reckon this really is a no brainer. This unique system is wonderful. It's easy to use. It's easy to understand. It's free and honestly only a dope would pass this up.

The Pyramid Problem Is Bypassed

This type of system is proven to work and has been at the heart of some wildly successful business models but can also be prone to something called the pyramid problem.

Within the program's inbuilt security is a code that allows each person to add only one link to each copy of the software. This is important because it means that if someone has another link to promote they must find and download a fresh copy (containing at least 3 different web page URLs) before they can do another update. Then they can pass that copy on too just as before.

So for someone to promote more than one link they have to actively search out copies already updated by at least 3 other people which create demand for updated copies.

The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate and this is expected to continue so new music archives and products are constantly added. Consequently, Internet marketeers and promoters will continue searching for copies of the software with at least 3 different URLs in order to be able to update them. So when you offer the program updated by you, they are going to want your version precisely because you've updated it.

In this way the pyramid problem is bypassed with his free software. Everyone is more than happy to get an avalanche of listeners for nothing and each copy of the software takes just a couple of minutes to update so in principle at least they'll continue to download the software update it and then pass the software around and around.

Download it here: Update it. Give it away. It really doesn't get any easier than this.


This software has practically every feature you could possibly want and more. It provides an innovative and easy solution to the problems of finding listeners. It could easily bring a million genuine people. It's free to download. It's free to use. It's been written so as to bypass the pyramid problem.

Musicians are going to go mad for this free software.


Best regards,

Steve Allen

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