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Hey Everyone,

This is that song that I meant to post a while back, but instead decided to post one that I had just written. It's another re-work, and in case you are wondering, I don't re-work my past songs all the time. I've only done that with three, because I prefer to write new ones.

Anyway, this used to be called "Envious Moment", and it was a pretty negative song. Now, I've kept the basics the same,- the tune, the verse, etc.- but I changed the title to "Songbird Symphony", gave it a positive meaning, improved upon the words, changed a lot in the Chorus, and added a bridge + revised Chorus at end. If you want, give it a read... (Please.) Smile

"Songbird Symphony"

There were times when I'd
look out the window, and
I'd observe the sky, (clear)
the trees, (calm)
and birds. (singing happily)
Everytime I had to look away.
I couldn't help it.
Outside it was beautiful.
It triggered diffidence.

Envious Moment.
The scene became
an envious moment.
It felt like rain inside.
Envious moment.

My self re-assurance, seemed insufficient.

Every time that I'd
glance out the window, I began
to feel my mind, (veer)
and body, (drop)
watched birds. (singing happily)
I had to turn the other way.
I couldn't stand it,
and I became a pessimist.

I saw it as an-


One morning I woke and I
gazed out the window again.
-The sky, (clear)
the trees, (calm)
the birds singing, "In vino veritas."

-Scathing myself with an intuit
which lacked correct intelligence.
-Defining myself with introversion.
It left me envious.

The envy has gone...
Now I know, and sing along...

"In vino veritas."
"In vino veritas."

(short interlude goes here)

(Revised Chorus):
Envious moment.
The scene became
an envious moment,
but now I've tasted wine,
and birds sing in unicen.

My self re- assurance, was sufficient,
in the end.
That is the irony
that I now know to be.


I know that seems pretty long, but looks can be decieving. Plus, it has three verses, and I don't think I've done that with any other lyrical work.

Two things that will prevent confusion: 1) During the verses, the words that are in parenthesis are meant to be sung by multiple voices, perhaps someday, backing vocalists. -And 2) "In Vino Veritas" is a Latin phrase I found (by luck) in the dictionary, when writing this. It's pronounced like In Wee- no Where-i-toss, and it's translation is "In Wine, there is truth." My paraphrased version of this, already symbolic, phrase is "Sometimes you can't see the truth in 'life's substance', but it's still there."

Ok... I apologize for the lack of brevity here, and that's all for this post. -Hope you all liked what I wrote.

Cheers and a smile, All!

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