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ubw rookie
ubw rookie

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Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2005 9:47 pm Reply with quote

I just moved out to Toronto and I couldnt write shit for about a week, wich sucks because I was starting to write an album with around 6 songs, i might change that to 5 though, we'll see how it goes. anyway my girlfriend came down to visit me and when she left all sorts of stuff came to me. The albums gonna be called "65 miles from love" theres a story behind that. all teh songs are gonna fit into kind of a story type thing. if you seem to like the first one I'll post more as there done.
anyway here it is.

"Collide with destiny"

Remember the things you said to me
as we laid on your bedroom floor
fighting over who loves who more
singing to our song

And I'll sing along with you until the end
until the words lose all meaning
and the meaning loses all words
But when I look into those eyes
I'll save every moment
because your my only one

Afraid your just a dream
I've never been so scared
to open my eyes
afraid your just a dream
ive never been so scared
to say good bye

Your lips say everything
as they press against mine
and as we go down into this night
I'll be Jack if you'll be my Rose
take my hand and remember
what you said to me
"I'll never let you go"

I'll never let go, If you never let go
I'll never let go, If you never let go
Never let me go
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ubw luminary
ubw luminary

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Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 5:18 pm Reply with quote


I liked most of that song. It was written very well, except I'm not sure about the whole "Titanic" theme towards the end (not meant to offend). But of course', I wouldn't know what may have inspired that, and also if you like how you wrote it, that is all that counts. Nice job, once again. Cheers!

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