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ubw luminary
ubw luminary

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Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 3:15 am Reply with quote

Once again, Hey All,

I know I'm posting a lot of songs during this overnight, but if you noticed, these are all old songs. I have a lot written over the years, and I don't want to post only the newest ones. After this, there's one more old one I want to post, and then the last that I'll post (for now) is brand new, and was inspired by someone here. They presented me with a "writing challenge" that I wanted to attempt. It's not a lyrical war, and it's not aimed against them, or anything; it's an improvement type challenge, and it has a subject matter that has nothing to do, directly, with any human being.

This song was written about a year ago, and it's about not being able to let bad emotions out. It's called, "Screaming, Bleed!"

"Screaming, Bleed!"

The clawing and scraping
of all the self hating leaves scars
on all of our arms.
But some of us bleed
while others are screaming bleed...
as the wounds just grow deep

slowly, but surely killing us-...

(2nd verse follows immediately after the first):
Rueing, regretting,
but never forgetting the past
that all of us had,
and some of us need
to let our wounds bleed
not grow deep,
not grow so deep

slowly, but surely killing us,

It's hard
living life, living like this everyday.
Everyday, think of the next day of pain.
Do I wanna' go on?
Do I wanna' have another day?
-have another breakdown?
Please, torture no more...

Does it really have to be so hard,
to bleed?

Some of us hurt,
while some of us hurt much more...
from the aching of sores


(Bridge, to the Outro):
Yeah, some of us bleed
while others are screaming...

(This whole part is sung four times through):
-screaming, "Bleed! Damnit Bleed! Bleed! Damnit Bleed! Bleed!"

Some of us scream.


Just to let you all know, this song is not about self-harming. It is one big medaphor that I visualized in my head, and the picture I saw was a person with a bad wound (to symbolize severe emotional hurt), yet the wound wouldn't bleed. So, the person was staring at their wound, basically saying "Bleed. Damnit Bleed... Bleed." If that were to really happen, the wound could just fester, and become excrutiatingly painful. It's just like someone who has emotional pain... If the emotions just stay inside of them, they'll likely feel worse. I dunno'... I guess I wanted to come up with a different medaphor, instead of talking about a "bottle," and being cliche. Thanks for reading.

Cheers, and a smile, to All!

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ubw rookie
ubw rookie

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Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2005 1:39 pm Reply with quote

Nice song dude most probably your best i recon u should read some of my post and see what you think off it.And try to listin to an old song i decided for you people to read its called "Chronicals of Life And Answers" Hey maybe when we finaly finish our new album we would send you an copy.Our band is called X-Unit but we are changing our name to From Life To Death.
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ubw luminary
ubw luminary

Joined: Jun 10, 2005
Location: Madison, OH
Posts: 734

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:10 pm Reply with quote

Thanks man. This song is one I actually consider to be one of the less intricate, but it was written at a time, when others told me I had matured a lot from the past. Still, it's not based on my opinion, and I'm grateful for the comment.

I will definitely check out your posts. Usually, I post a lyrical work, and then I check out all of the posts in the "share your lyrics/poetry" forum, unless I suddenly have to get offline. I try as hard as I can to reply to any posts I didn't get to, when I am able to get back online.

Lastly, it would be very cool, if you did send a copy (when finished), but I must inform you, I live in the U.S., so there would likely be extra charges. But..., if that doesn't change anything, I'd definitely be open to hearing your band's music. Cheers!

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