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ubw rookie
ubw rookie

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Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 1:56 am Reply with quote

The other day, I came up with some decent music (that's the most I can say about any of mine, really; there's nothing special about it) and so I've been working on some lyrics to go with it. Unfortunately, I've got some fine-tuning to do and maybe another verse or two to add, so I can't just record it right away like I do with most of my songs when I feel they're satisfactory, so these lyrics will have to do.

I was going over the lyrics and I realized something pretty funny. I unwittingly wrote the verses out in the Japanese style of Haiku. Anyway, I just thought that was neat.

The song is called "Your Illusion." It's a title I'm borrowing from another song I wrote once upon a time that I've decided not to use.
Itís all or nothing
You think that you know it all
Well you donít
Youíre waiting for something
You just donít know what it is
Well, youíll never know

This timeís the last time
You canít redeem yourself now
So you shouldnít try

You know that this is real life
You know your fantasyís a lie
You know youíve tried too hard to be
What your illusionís made you see

Lie down in the darkness
Admit that youíve lost it all
And just close your eyes
Give back what youíve stolen
My time, compassion, and life
Iíll let you drown in lies

Youíll never open up and admit
Youíll never climb out of your sh**
Youíll never be so great and kind
Because your illusionís made you blind

And time and time again
You see it fit to lie in wait
For some extraordinary truth
Iíll watch you die again
There is no such a thing as fate
Your idealistic point of view
Is nothing more than that
Youíll never be quite happy enough
Illusionís fed your narrow mind
Deceptionís all you hear
And nothing ever pleases you
Youíre not quite sure what youíre even trying to find
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ubw screen dweller
ubw screen dweller

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Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 2:04 am Reply with quote

Wha-hey, Jack.
Nice lyric there my friend....

You see it fit to lie in wait

All I'd do is remove the it...kinda disrupted me while reading

You see fit to lie in wait...I mean it may sound great sung by you...so it's just my opinion.

Reading thru I tried to hear you singing it I think it would possibly sound like you'd come in hard on the chorus and gradually soften on...illusionís made you see...

Again damn fine lyric, as always thought provoking, excellent imagery and emotion. You DA MAN Wink
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Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 8:13 am Reply with quote

I agree with Brooksy, great job Maisie!!!
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