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Hi all!

We are a London based company that specialises in tour and show production. All of us have done the touring circuit for many years and at some point we agreed that being a small band on tour, especially in the UK, is a sad state of things with bad engineers, bad gear and same really bad promoters. There is no need for small bands to sound and look bad every second show! So, we decided that this must change..!

Our concept is unique in the sense that we supply small and medium tours with engineers, managers and crew that normally work on major international tours and thus have experience far beyond what your average local guy do. And we do that within your budget!!!

We work from scratch with proper tour management through to the first full production. We also work out the creative side of your show so that you have consistency, no matter if you are one day in a local pub in Chester and the next play the Brixton Academy in London, and that within you budget, even if it's small...

We are to your show's creative and technical side what your manager is to your band!

So, have a look at http://www.42live.com and feel free to contact with any questions!

Peter Mankowski
head of 42live

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