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So, I want to do Overlooked songs again; in the months since, many of the songs from the last tournament have grown on me, including ones I never voted for when it was going on (Marcia Baila, Needle in the Camel's Eye, etc.). I don't think anything else has helped me discover new favorites like this. I have a few ideas going on about how to run it and would like some input. I have a few questions below and my reasoning behind asking them.

1. Should I wait for the next site update?

The next site update is supposed to expand the songs list to 10000 (unless I missed a change in plans); I would like to have that expanded selection of songs available, but I also don't want to wait if it will be too long. I think the last we heard was sometime in August at the earliest, but I also could have missed Henrik's latest update (I feel like this is more of a Henrik-specific question).

1a. If I do wait, how should the bracket be divided?

With 10000 songs, I will need to adjust the bracket divisions. Here's what I figure:
Division 1: #1001-3000
Division 2: #3001-6000
Division 3: #6001-10000
Division 4: bubblers, unacclaimed singles, and other songs off acclaimed albums

We could also have more divisions:
Division 1: #1001-2000
Division 2: #2001-3000
Division 3: #3001-4000
Division 4: #4001-6000
Division 5: #6001-8000
Division 6: #8001-10000
Division 7: Bubblers
Division 8: Unacclaimed songs off acclaimed albums

I don't know how many 'bubblers' will be listed on the site after the next update, though (I figure many will enter that 10000 range).

2. How many songs should this feature?

Since the main purpose of this to me is to have a way of discovering new songs, I would like to maybe bump this up to 256 instead of 128. It would take longer but I like the idea of having more space.

3. How should seeding be decided?

Last time around, I based seeding off rank on acclaimed music (so song number 1001 would face off against 2000, 1002 against 1999, etc.). This time, I was considering simply ordering each division by year. Thus, the two oldest songs in a division will face off, and so on. I think it could be nice to have an even mix of eras through the tourney, but I think both work.

4. Should we allow songs that were featured in our most recent top 1000 forum poll?

Last time I excluded these, but that made the nomination process harder (people had to doublecheck both the acclaimed music list and our forum poll for every song). I figure it could be nice to include them this time, especially since this tournament would be leading us back into the next forum song poll. Since a lot of songs made the all-time song list due to a handful of really enthusiastic fans, I think it would be nice to let these songs have added exposure. Thus, the only songs ranked below #1000 on acclaimed music that would be banned from the tourney would be those featured in the previous Overlooked Songs.

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