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Hello everyone!

before you read any further this is the band I am plugging. view at or continue reading and enjoy some banter.!

So alternative music is the term used to describe new rocking bands these day's... In my opinion this is a term invented by the people for the people in order to lead us to actual good rock and roll, and to lead you to music that is an alternative to the giant commercial radio stations/sites. Indie rock has also been used as of late.

If your a fan of rocking music you will love the band Polygon Peach. Not only do they provide an alternative to some of the junk out there, but they are also pushing the bar with indie rock, alternative rock, or rock music in general since its incarnation in the 50's.

They are no Elvis or Bob Dylan. We all know that you can't sound like that anymore without turning into an elvis group in some crappy las vegas motel. However they have taken the ideology of these stars (that seem to have fallen from the sky) as well as the great bands that have come before.

P.G.P for short is for fans of good rock and roll. As well as the innovators of the genre which came later in the 80's/ 90's. The Cure Depeche Mode ODM The Damned The Pixies... etc etc

P.G.P are not r and r purists by any means. However I believe they are the best act out there pushing the bar on what has already happened, and keeping alternative music alive and pumping into this new age.
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