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Father Tommy, & Son Nathan Sims.
"PapaCap & Son One!"

As one of my fellow critics calls them, and I have to agree they are the two man band, that can! Now that my curiosity led me directly to listen to them....

WOW, they're music was really awesome, even though I was looking harder for flaw than I think ever before. Oh my God, something I truly believed was not possible... That is after seeing something similar to what you are reading now.

So, lemme guess? Your thinking something along the lines, "YEAH RIGHT". Come on, You're not even a critic. That's ok, most people aren't. I finally realized, these are the few and far between that we ever see or hear about, and there is TWO of them in the same dimension.

That is what is blowing my mind! Yes, the music is really exceptionally good, I could go on about recording it differently, or this or that, but as far as it goes, it's just all really catchy original sounding material but somehow yet strangely familiar?

I am not the only one that feels this way. Believe it or not, one of my colleagues here, is the one who turned me onto these guys. Like one of their fans said, "it makes me chuckle", as to I am an admin for them as well, temporarily.

The fan said "This music, should come with a warning label, can take over mind and body!" I come to find out she wasn't kidding, that was right when I caught myself saying "YEAH RIGHT".

"They are bigger than the beatles!" people are saying, it's like a religion in music engrafted. Sorry to blabber, this is how I feel about this PEACE.


Hey guys, also found three songs of there's off the album, they are not near the quality from their album on Amazon. It will give you a good idea of some of their music.

To tell you the truth, I think every song creates its own genre. Anybody disagree please message me, I just wondered if it's just me, HURRY THOUGH they pissing off the admins of this site!

Story is they had another free account on this site, number one music, they went to number one ranking in rap, rock, pop, in the world then the admins deleted they're account it was three different songs from the album, one of they're fans told me from that site, numberonemusic. Check these links out below.

~Andrew 4/28/2016 Wink
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