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Trackd lets you record, collaborate on and share your music. Become part of an inspiring musical community and turn your ideas into brilliant songs.Create multi-track songs on your iPhone. Find your musician friends and collaborate to record great music together. Mix, pan, play and scrub until you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Discover new artists, musicians and songwriters to work with all over the world. Search for collaborators by searching for their name or their instrument tags. Need a drummer? Type "drums". Synth needed in that middle 8? Go looking for someone who can, and get collaborating in Trackd... Craigslist has had its time.

Show off your own skills and become discoverable. Share the results into our inspirational community, or export to your favourite services.

Whatever music you create, Trackd makes it quick, simple, secure, and fun.


• Record from your iPhone with up to 8 tracks
• Mix and pan your recordings with ease
• Play, scrub and delete your recordings
• Create as many new projects as your iPhone will hold - for free
• Invite your friends to add parts with a couple of taps
• Create an online profile to show off your talents and genres
• Discover and connect with artists, musicians and songwriters all over the world
• Collaborations are totally private and under your control at all times
• Share your songs with the world through your Track profile, Facebook, email and more
• Dropbox export your complete songs
• Name, tag and add meta-data to your songs
• Stick to the beat with a built-in metronome
• Attach lyrics to your songs and keep them private or share with your collaborators

To celebrate the release, Trackd is running its first competition with a $1000 prize for its first 1000 hours.

For more information about Trackd, visit or follow:
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