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Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:19 am Reply with quote

Hey ubw'rs.

I'm looking for a band/bands that need a kick ass mix.

A little background;
I've been a professional recording engineer for 22 years (specialising in mixing for the last 6) and have been fortunate enough to work with some really great artists, particularly over the last couple of years. (Lonely The Brave/Ed Sheeran/Charli XCX/St Raymond etc..).
But my discography is extremely pop-centric and woefully thin in the genres that I really love, being Alt-Rock/Metal.

Soooo, while the summer lull is in full effect I'd like to offer my services to a band that are looking for a Pro/Commercial sounding mix. Perhaps you are recording now or maybe you have a track that never quite reached it's full potential.
Obviously I would do the mix for free, the only proviso being that you allow me to use the track in my showreel.
We could even make a before / after / WIP thread on here if you fancy it. It could be fun and I'm not precious.

I'm really looking for tracks in the Bring Me The Horizon / Deftones / Chevelle / Of Mice & Men etc vein. Of course, that's a HUGE ask, but if you ROCK hit me up.

I have no idea what kind of response, if any, to expect from this but if you are interested in getting a pro mix for free, send me a PM and we can figure out if it's what we are both looking for.

Thanks for reading guys & galls, I hope to hear from you soon!
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