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Underground Sound Presents Julie Gribble [Ep.8] by TC Productions


Episode 8 of Underground Sound is centered around Americana and Country singer Julie Gribble. Newly moved to Nashville, she has found her voice! A unique, powerful, and honest tone with one of a kind lyrical storytelling all wrapped up with hints of bluegrass, traditional country, with her main base in Americana.

Julie grew up doing theatre, then moved on to film and television. When she moved to LA she decided to see if her dream of being a singer/songwriter could be a reality. After only a few open mics, and a lot of time trying to figure out how to play her acoustic guitar by drawing the chords out on napkins, her first gig was offered to her. After that, she fell in love with music in a different way. Within a year she had recorded a record, got signed to a small label and was on her first tour. Less than a decade later, Gribble's resume has been packed full of national tv guest appearances, constant touring, festivals, being the face of brands such as Hotel Indigo, numerous tv/film licensing on major network shows, an endorsement with Martin Guitars, and a large supporting role in a Sony Pictures film. Best part about all of this? She did it all on her OWN! Gribble is proof that hard work generosity, and honesty do pay off!

Armed with a new EP due for release in October, 2012 Julie is feeding her constant desire to be on the road touring. She has a large resume of amazing venues around the country and Canada that she has played, prime time network shows and films that have featured Gribble's music, and a 3 time guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson show.

This next year Julie is focusing on her move to Nashville, finding new ways to reach out in her community mission work, writing, playing and always remembering it's her fans that are really the most important thing!

Her two tracks that she is performing are "Like You" and "Over and Over again" which she performs live at The Kirkwood Festival.

For more information on Julie Gribble visit www.juliegribble.com

About TC Productions
TC Productions was founded in 2007 with the goal of showcasing real life through a filming industry by playing a pivotal role in by capturing memorable moments with the utmost of professionalism. A unique aspect of TC Productions is that we are equipped with an educational background and technical experience that enables us to create professional videos at an affordable rate.
TC Productions has created a show (Underground Sound) that gives an intimate view on Underground and emerging artists from all genres of music. The creators of the show supply a gateway for listeners to see
First-hand how music is the essence of the musicians life by showcasing two of their original works of music. TC Productions has been quoted to be “born with talent and creativity to manifest many messages of lyrics through visual representation of your videos.” (Adele Williams, The Machine Network)

The show targets music enthusiasts from all walks life. It allows the artist to enlighten their fans and encounter new ones by giving access to their creative approach to constructing music while including an exclusive access interview. On various blog sites each episode has produced well over 20,000 views each and is steadily growing in popularity.

For more information about Underground Sound visit us at www.TCPVID.com

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