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It’s no lie the music industry is suffering in the record sales sector. With piracy at an all-time high, record labels are turning to live shows for financial gain. There is however an UNTAPPED market, a market that is so solid (No Pun Intended) that it’s putting the .com generation in music to shame. We’re talking about iPhone Apps.

Yes. Those icons floating around whenever you press that little button on the front of your iPhone. Now, artists may be jumping to the conclusion that it’s a completely unaffordable, clenching their wallets and laughing at the idea but is it really that expensive?

Let’s face it, the developing time consumption, money consumption and thought consumption is the only real reason holding independent artists back. But now there’s various groups (In particular allowing independent and signed artists to create apps for iPhone & iPads. The app will allow fans to see artists’ upcoming shows, buy tickets, view YouTube videos and buy the music directly from iTunes. My Music App ( offers Twitter and Facebook integration as standard.

From only £39.99 musician can have their own mobile app to drive digital and merchandise sales.

All you have to do is fill the online form, the company does the rest and you lose nothing in the way of your iTunes sales, Ticket sales as they don’t take a commission.

As an independent artist, tracking statistical information can be the difference between a signing and a busking gig. With an iPhone app, you can easily gain statistics, present to the labels, get the deal you want and live a life of fortune and fame. As a signed act, get an app to increase your already growing fan base and get them to buy your songs all in ONE PLACE.

Regardless of whether you are famous or trying to become famous, having your own app is pretty cool!

Let’s save the music industry!
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