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In 2003, when Joe met Brad and Dudemus. They were the best players he had ever seen.
Total technicians with an eye for speed and an ear for aggression.
He liked what they were doing and thought that their immense talent coupled with
his song writing would make for an interesting blend. It took only one jam to find out that
not only was that true but they had stumbled upon something unique.
Their ability to take joe's small ideas and turn them into monsters,
and joe's ability to take their monsters and instill some melody into them,
proved to be the perfect blend.
It was exactly what we were all looking for.

We had a handful of songs and a mountain of ideas. What we needed was a bass player.
Someone with as much talent and ambition as we had. And in walked Sean.
A friend and ex-band-mate of Brad and Dudemus he proved to be the perfect addition.
The mountain of ideas became songs. And the mountain kept growing and
‘thisDAYnow’ became the best band that we have ever been in. Not only is there
a sense of immense unstoppable creativity,
there is also a sense of comradery and comic relief that has made us all
best friends in the truest sense of the word.
‘thisDAYnow’ has only scratched the surface of it’s potential and we just can’t wait to see what
we’ll do next.

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