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Remember five or ten, how the world would be, rayguns, rayguys and raygals? Refrigerators with wings, flying cars. Clean oceans, air that breathes. Then came the future with its sewer mind and digital icing, war got overs its cold, there was alot of talk of a new age that got old real fast. And here now we are.

Against the riptide of revised reality and disappointment as a way of life stand one band, Superczar, and their message for messy mankind, Future Never Happened. Much as the mediocre makes the cut, or at least money, and nobody really expects more than nothing, there comes once upon this time a band able to musically multi-task with both wit and warmth, a measure of wildness and without enough technology to retool a mothership a style of recording that recalls analogue for all of its gritty and gut-level glory. Future Never Happened, in about an hour, accomplishes what other albums in vain aspire to in a number of years, seamlessly integrating a half century of rock'n'roll into one badass behemoth of good vibrations with something for all the family. Indeed, such is its variety that one is not excited by this album so much as exhausted, startled by a lo-fi, hi-spec creative overflow worthy of men whose lives have been dedicated to gorging on the vinyl of three generations.

Amidst the managed chaos, highly crafted songs rich in melodic hooks and counter points dwell, with words veering from kitchen sink dramas of love, loss and rejection-redemption to sci-fi and epic historical adventure usally the same song, and sometimes you can even dance to them. The mothers of reinvention these four be, a quartet of beautiful weirdos with a brief from destiny to atone the sins of the Eighties, go forth and in a new century bring the weary people of earth a chorus they'll still remember when time itself takes us back to that land of wonder, when the future never happened and forty-five revolutions happened every damned minute.

There be pirates on this here Idiots Island, a tumbledown terra firma peopled by places and characters as big as history and as small as those memories we forget. It's like K-Tel all over again, with styles and content on a whirligig ticket to obilivion, The Boy with the Unbreakable Heart binding both king influences, The Soft Boys and the original hard case, Johnny Thunders, but there again comes 1776, that least likely of songs for a new millenium, a paen to the whitey stars'n'stripes that doesn't blame the USA for everything up to and including burnt toast and types of mild skin rash. And then the crunch: The One Sound, a flown leap ass backwards into a future whose time has come. So take up your cross references and follow Superczar through sweeps of devotional pop and raw, songs lamenting broken Heartbreakers and hep Catalinas. Psychedelic and street hassled in quick turns, leaking hits from both tanks, Future Never Happened is your all-in-one home entertainment solution, everything today's post-mod needs to frag what passes on this planet for piss-poor reality. Join together, close apart, and become what you are: Superczar!


Robin - brass & keys
Jez - guitar & vox
Griff - vox & guitar
Davey - bass
Symon - drums

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The stunning new song from the latest SC sessions, a cross between Gram and glam, pop and punk country.    

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