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Squire Zama

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Squire Zama
Squire Zama Bio:

Hi there if your reading this then welcome to my former Unsigned Band Web page. (Well whats left of it anyway.) This was the former home of Squire Zama from 2005 to 2009

This was the time I left UBW and joined the crew PsykoSouth International. After a Official Album release and the 29-city national tour the group has disbanded. Battle Royale Media is now rebuilt from the ground up.

If your a fan that has followed me over the years I invite you to visit my new home we've got new music, videos, blogs a whole lot more.

And if you got a Facebook please give us a visit.

We got shitload coming out in the summer of 2013. Zama's gonna be dropping new music here too. So stick around!

And as always thank for the visit
Battle Royale Media

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First and foremost I gotta shoutout RetroJapan @ I appreciate the support you gave in the beginning of this project.

She's been a bit of an influence on me these past two years.
This track received its name from the original name of the Utada American release "The Tiger Is Out" before it was changed to "Exodus". The Second of 2 hip hop remixes to simple and clean this song has a rather unusual
history. Both versions were given to 2 seperate engineers in neighboring cities.
But what is more stranger is that around the same time I recorded the first version in Miami it was discovered that Hikaru Utada was actually less than 45 minutes away at the hit factory recording tracks for "Exodus".........
Personally I thought it was kinda cool but at the same time it kinda scared me. Was that a Coincedence or an Omen. O_o

You be the judge anyway here's the song you might have to listen a few times to catch everything.A few people wont like this. Like I give a **** what a 500 pound otaku thinks (cause I know a lot of people are gonna be mad that I sampled this)
In the immortal words of the boys at Dattebayo:

"If you don't like that, too bad. Don't download our releases and get the hell off our website. Otherwise, please enjoy."

Hit it right on the nail. No 1. On the UBW Charts (thanx haters) twice in a row big up to Nightz and Big Lab Ox. To see Congrats to all the success you've had. I know you gon kill em over at Roc Nation.


"Picasso Baby (Mark Millar)" » Rap 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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