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Only our limitations distract us from the true nature of what is and lies beneath. Hear the echoes of your past lives and again know that there is hope in the cold darkness of time. Falls asleep like a child once born.


Regna strives to bring a rock alternative/progressive sound to the electronic genre. With an aggressive approach to song structure towards surreal themes, Regna hopes to convey an musical atmosphere that creates mental imagery for listener's. The debut album "The Core" is currently being mixed now and will be available for streaming soon.


Why this name?
It's a mirror reflection of the world.

Do you play live?
Yes we do...locally.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Easier to listen

Would you still sign a record contract with a major label?

Band History:
We met in the dark. After whispers were exchanged, we decided it could work.

Your influences?
NIN, Pink Floyd, The Cure

Favorite spot?
In the Dark when its cold.

Equipment used:
The Kitchen Sink.

Anything else...?


Dreaming of blood skies

J C. Wilson, Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved
Graven of the Crashing Tides (Graven Nor)


The sparkling eclipse over the bay
Merges so gentle with the cascade horizon
As are red star drips over the blekian moon
The clouds purge an angel shower
Alongside my eyes, I dream from the ground to the heavens
That blood, sweet nectar, would fall

Of the enchanted, let me be reborn

Orion Red...oh our star calms my soul
Drip along the clouds and pass away
Soaking upon the ground and become a blood river
So I may drink and know of you
For the sky is mine and the time is right
So let me go down and fade like today

Only with charms left from yesterday's past,
I flutter upon the flesh of your grave
Only so to pull you into me
All peering for the last son
To rise upon the grey
And bring us what we crave
So as it is, my love for you is evermore
Bring me the strength to take my pain
Under the dark, beneath the time when I was born
Do I remember of the dark
So far, so far away, the grace seems so fake
Our river spoils so suddenly into the lake
Dead, my fortunes become as rust
I have fallen too far within myself
My companion, so long have I needed to feel your eyes
Now reflected, I know my eyes see as yours
Nothing bleeds more than the tears of dreams without you and I
Why has our sweet blood been taken in vane

Lines drawn in the sand, map the Age of Aquarius
Behold the 5th has arrived, and this is the present
But what I speak of is still to come, so far, too near

I hold my wrist to the heavens
Alias, a storm has come to wash me away
Until the last of our life pours down
I fall into the essence of warmth
As I look onto this world one last time
We are together in the wind, stumbling once more.

Now under those blood skies

J C. Wilson, Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved
Graven of the Crashing Tides (Graven Nor)


Whispers of shadow, behind the dark, into the nothing, lies the motionless
At rest, finally the journey has met completion, the traveler is no more
Graven Nor, the one spoken of, near the shore, has finally seen the door
By the shore, she lays still, the water touches her skin, and the sand is in her hand
The wind dances in her hair while the sky reflects the power she projects
Imagery of you flutters underneath an illusion comprised in a capsule of tears
Mercury in the sky, liquid only for you, so the time has come, so it might be here
Starlight approaches from yesterday's dawn, bringing definition of the coming night
So I saw, in a story which seemed so long ago, of the future, of the real, of the dead
To dream of blood skies and to swallow those red tears that have fallen upon us
I drink to the love that I saw and I have, for you are mine in all imagination and time
To raise my arm to the heavens and cry out your name, my love, my darling

...And oblivion is the sky, and all the memories I can't find
To Remember the past and embrace the next
I bind my soul under the lasting tides of my lonely heart
Take this blood from me, its not mine, it's ours
Allow hell to ignite this cascade of reversed fortunes
Destroy the horizon which has so lied in times of misfortune
I ask for the time that we have never had, resurrect it from the sand
Fill the void which has so grown inside my heart, nurture her
Capture the essence of dormant candles seen by your eyes and mine
Hold on to me as I hold on to you, nothing can ever matter more
Yes, our blood has been taken in vane, so to pour out of my veins
To replenish the ground in which I stand, the sand, dripping cold
Become real, take it from me, all that you need, just be with me
The wind never tasted blood so sweet, splashing upon your grave
Marble casted, burning flames of time lost, shattering the past
Wilted eye, the mind collapsed, I sigh, the evening star is near...

Enchanted dreams, lost in the enchanter's memory, so to fade away, so to be masked in blood
Splitting the soil as it was the same with my soul, I found the hole that lost control
Trickle down the limbs of the trees seen in my life, they all seem to burn
My warmth, so gone, returned into the sand which I have left, so to bring life to another
Cross the cloth around my body and wait for the time, the time of final truth
To salivate my mouth and cut into my mind, so it does all the time
Return to the shore, so to see memories materialize before my eyes
The wind so cold, it tears right through me, the burden of being with the one of my love
Smell of the sea could never compare but still so familiar in the way I feel in it
Salt of the land falls back into the ocean and so do I, farewell graven of the crashing tides.



J C. Wilson, Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved
Graven of the Crashing Tides (Graven Nor)



Alias, we enter the dark realm. Soaring to the core. The core of which molds every
dripping moment. Around the surface, so brilliant, only for the void silicon mass
growing, floating as a mere dream, pondering in the ambient fleece.
Our minds strip away and let the truth teach us that there are lessons to be learned
and ignored in the end. Where it will start and when its time to begin, is the place
you seek. Under luminous shells capturing your thoughts that sing in the night. What
is seen within are the strands of swarming mist, lingering, collapsing the ground, freeing
our souls to melt into the seems.
Liquid silver eyes splash upon the walls that concave endlessly between our beginnings.
To us, we have shape, far gone removed by the howling abyss before the arch, which I stand.
The dark matter seems so surreal leaving the vortex which dwells above the lose of visualized
perception, drowning at the mere task of wanting the unknown to become clear. Emeralds of
light seduces the empty hollow, which we peer at influentially. Thought becomes insanity
as we watch our lives in another time and place, escaping the trappings of reason.
Walk with me beyond the illusions of structure. Before us lies the dying of
meaning, the departure of purpose. Let us seize it and bury it away. The walls
shorten as we approach our desires. The dying of our trust in each otherís
intentions, bring the screams from below that speak to my inner self.
Becoming, you now only see yourself, and I. My sight has been blinded in the gaze
of emeralds, thus, you are now alone and here.
What I am seeing is not true. Where have you gone? I have before me our cravings
for life and the snarling abandonment which leaves us incomplete. Is this how it
is to end? Do we accept the one to be of one? Grasping the compelling urge of the
echoes of you, I look down and I see you and I in another mind. The mind of a million
lies is where I like to hide. The wilderness of other realms is where I seem to dwell.
My love, if I can't have the one, I will live in the dream of which I have seen, only
to be closer to you.

And all is black, and it is dead. So it hardens its surface and closes the cracks, for
what it so craved is now no longer what it lacks.


Life is the bottomless abyss in which I have fallen into. Once I reached out and hang on
to what I love, this will be the end. The end of what? The end of perception? The end
of the abyss? As I plummet with no wind by my shoulders, face down, I see through the
dark, past the void. You see, we are doomed in two dimensions. We perceive what we see
with our four dimensional minds. How can we truly understand or be expected to find what
we crave in a three dimensional world? Close your eyes and dive into your mind, all becomes
clear and surreal. Through the void, past our minds, I can see myself as a child, growing
up with the essence of the universe. We have birthed together yet we bare no age. How can
age be addressed when there is no before and only after? And what is the after? All I feel
is the stagnate growth of decay, festering the life and the useless. The core hardens evermore,
with a fresh coating of rot. Oh let the tears in that which are shown before, bring the
laughter of serenity alongside the lust for union. Soaring now, I am tormented by the
parasites that dine at the uncleanness filth, which is myself, pondering at the refinement of
where I have been and seen.

Yes, I have forgotten, you have not been here with me long. You have a childís knowledge of
the concepts of misconceptions. Please excuse me, you are not ready for the torment which
has passed you by.


What has come to pass has been a great many things. The night is a vague mistress. When
you are torn apart by the loneliness of shortcomings that lie before you, I would say its
time. Vacate within yourself, to spray your thoughts across your mind, it is not what you
may believe. There is something that grows if you do indeed nurture it. With each passing
moment it grows and eats the decay until it begins to search for the surface. What do you
know of reality? For you, it is probably the world around you. Its in most cases, the
interaction you find yourself apart of. Did you ever wonder why we have eyes? Why you have
senses at all? When I felt too many failures of the world, I realized frustration is all
because my mind can't swim with the absence of water. Either by the choice to live a partial
existence or the confusion which is human nature, I found the innate position of this perception
to be all so insufficient. Letting go the comforts of the womb, I broke free a passage to
allow the traveler to be awakened.



Tearing the flesh that binds
Life rains upon the ground
Creature of mist, fallen from below
Whole in the dark, at ease in night
Mercury shines red, spawning the star moon
Lunar skins empty these eyes of pain
I float here, covered by surface, waiting the day
Black water flows into the lungs, under the sky
Look the enlightened; I can fly, far away
Here we stay in suspended oblivious
Beneath sight it lies, suspicious demise
Child prodigy breathing the world's fire
Gaze above, there are no stars
Fall below; swans of death guide me
Before my feet, the sirens of hollow ground
Inhale the dreams of the serene
Believe in the sea, to see a way
Familiar sight turns to a hole of turquoise
Curious wonder, till death, brings the flood
Gripped and turned aside, the less of the special way
Attention seems to flow in rounds, leaving two pieces
Crumbling dreams, I see the beast of other's past
Shall it consume what it sees, or will opposite of brothers conceive
Dragging for the blooming gloom to come
The all knowing, run away when found, to the hills we go
Cry the last sigh, draw the dagger, and die for another time
Clouds break to the east, felt in the north
The winds bend to the earth, purify the heart
Lost in the tranquility of fire late in the dusk
Before the dawn, remember the one that died
Thorns curl the strangled heart, spreading poison
Venom crafting in the woods, to conceal the deal
Fraud anything real to feel, living dreams
I of the frozen falls, withered and dried out
Aquarian seeker, bring the charms that pierce your breast
Inner beginners saw the world as the blind man in the distance
Deny the halls of choice and soak in the prison of the rational
Understand that the can will not always be, so take our sin
Begin the leaves that cover the truth, standing on the graves
In ways I can feel nothing at all for the outside
Waves of influence have pulled in once more
The nature of things spoiled by the tree of fruit
Swallow the bitter of liquid suicide growing in the mind
Feed on thoughts that have since been lost in the transcript
Lit in the abundance of false, dark existence of nothing at all


Aquarian Queen of the age, satin laced, scared face
Linger in between and far beneath, feel the halls concave
Weeping shallows bring the chaos, under far gone ambitions
The wanderings and ponderings fallen short of affection
Reality believes not to fully feel, left trivial, shattered
Goddess to be, must perceive the leaves turning from green
Conceive that the season of life has been laid into burial
Allow the shining jewels of Aquarius to soak in the renewal
Craving for the wants left untouched in the distance, followed sadness
Horizons of tomorrow bring Venus light, piercing the heart with pain
Aurora silk stained onto the flesh, the passing legend of old
Mirror reflecting upon the walls; foreshadow the mold in her hold
Gripping the tissue of skin which folds into a glass of rain
Drip his tears beyond the cracks of thought and bring in the dark
Aquarian Prince of the era, echoes living in the hills before the real
Lower the marks left unclean and kneel upon the torn bones of the alone
Show your face to me, gaze into the falling tears of twisted subtle sighs
Home again, shall never be as the leaves have changed from green to bleed
Shades of the coming days grow into a notion scaring the soul, left not whole
The taste is so near to my own, but screaming in the night brings in the need
Dreams mature into the mares that bind in full, withering the hole
To become the cold and wiled the dark, breaking the walls in the hall
Together, ride upon the steed of cliff's fallen, bringing falls
Past the morning fog, leaving the yielding mist of moss in days lost
Locked in one breath to live forever in each others arms, so long has died
The waves of air bring flight to their hair, flared in the passion of the undone
Eyes closed for not knowing but feeling the hearts of the others kind
Riding far, falling more, the future brings the living swirl of horror
Celestial bodies leaving the believing and seeing the being
The waking child looks on the estranged world and can feel the blanketed souls
Arriving soon, rejoicing under their unborn conception of the eclipsed black star
The dreams open their eyes and realize that nowhere is as it is
No place to appear since somewhere is so far from here
Near in the realms of themselves, their shadows are placed upon the onlookerís shelf
Contained and laid, the watcher sleeps, dreaming when to see the following day


So felt the winterís words that leaves bristles of ice visible
Vacant, above the abyss somewhere in the near of frozen
Floating helplessly, observing forcefully upon the full phase
The novice of perception has grown to the median of death
A body of outside water frost, blue is the tone of the veins
Spill of blood at rest, baron in the dwarf ash of the endings
Once again, the lunar pulse shreds the scope of time

Tumbling pebble of clay frays the skin of the womb
Entering my mind through the flesh point not split by an eye
Triangular perfect, I can see now, clearly into the oval drops
Arms pulling the waters back, so to travel away
The droplets stay, finding my inner sight, refusing the will
Turn to the below, down to the shallow point
Where thought can still be verified with the essence of belief

The break of coral fills the body and leaks the mind
For itís the maple design chrome lifeless surprise
Open in twin dimension filtered in division stead
Wind in the hills of the ocean floor explore the four corners

Onto this there is more, the undertow from above
The dragging to the bottom of life fading in the flood
Feel the surface leave the blood before the eyes to boil
In this water and felt death, upon under growth salted soil

The maple amber golden steals my mind
Eye of the universe, so perverse, wicked
Leave my head in tearing filth of the wild
Aloud the vibration left from stolen dreams
Again the world before my eyes has returned
The furnace of the air raises my skin
So humid, I can barely gasp without the taste
For itís the moisture of the blood in the sky
Rage to the grave and force the dream
I want to see the belief of coral design
Onto this there is no bliss on the trial of teeth
Pestilence returns in my minds eye until I drop

Growing to the point of what the dream wanted
Fall backwards and lean forward toward the breeze
Lover presence left to the groaning flow of bitter
Diseased in the womb coating, spill the angst of free

Rip me from birth and steal my faith
Scorn under the hand of bindings to the arm
Cut the covering and make a cloth
Scrap the remains that feel no pain
The body so numb, the loss has left nothing

Darkness brings the growth of sloth
In the cave of my escape I still reign
No memories, but dead from here
The present, itís so real, the future, I never feel


Rain upon me, purple and red
Scorch the earth and wash it all away
Later days saw the withering to another
Thinking once again, here again to begin
Pour the acid against the flesh
Burn all the trapping of the world
Leave only the smoke to reach the clouds
Black horizon until the mask drapes are gone
The ones of voidian, hear my cry for life
A lose, the sirens of marching tears
A ghost wandering through the passage of time
Open the arms and sigh, sons of the oblivion
Hear me now, show the way to nothingness
Take the void from the heart and make it pure in my mind
Break the body and free the soul
Let the water fall through what I know
The whole of confusion leaves only my illusion
Cover the truth but leave me the shadow
Cut my face into strips
Bury the cage and turn the sight
Mine, the shadow is real
The absence of light in my place
To exist with illumination
Never to feel what it is, the stimulation
And the baking of my flesh
Matches the smell of my mind
Watch the piercing life die before it burns
Mourn until dusk and forget the dawn
The gains that bring the tears without eyes
Wipe at the sweat that has been long washed away
Today, today, itís just the betray on your face
Strap and fasten, doll it up, even in lace
My old friend, how have I missed you
You appear so similar but fake, resembling me
Peer into the shine of your reflecting eye
Hold your handle close to my heart to feel the cold
Deliver the ease and free that of which we seek
Why has it been so long for this?
The bliss of your stainless kiss drips my blood
My insides cake together like mud
I stab the dagger into the cold earth
The screams of the souls are finally released
Breath, breath, see the grass dressed in red
Suffer the deaths of the eternity quilt
Blanket your make and shiver the pain out
Look, look to the above see of clouds
For itís the eye, the one of golden hazel
And filmed charcoal base in the oil of chaos
Match the laughter and the taunt of fire
Cup the hand and hold in the last of you
I am being swallowed, I am alone
Only if the touch could reach for me,
The cry of bleeding emptiness may slow
Cold the heart, bare my heart once more
See the horror that seems to live
Extend my finger and place my circle
Line it with blood and sing to myself
I hear the filth, it makes my soul melt
Forehead down, I know not that I am the beast
I need to have the taste of the flesh
My fangs canít take more of the thirst
I canít dream until I feed, I canít rest
Just let me feel what I donít have
I want to believe, I want to sleep
Ashes left in time often blow away
Memories placed in the dark leave scar marks
Ok, ok, you know this sounds plain
Forgive this harmless cive, my soul is in pain
How should I blister for life when the love drips?
Help my harmless craft, save what is left.


Hail to the river titans
For the first time I canít taste the blood
I reach towards the heavens to pull the sky down before my knees
Yes, I walk upon the holy and crush their needs
Watch all of the passion bleed under my dark seed
Take your hands and open my chest
Make your teeth and rest in the feast of my filth
I flood the ground, all around below the fleas
Sneeze myself across the world and feel death
Rest in the rot that has imprisoned my soul
Feel full of the smell that leaves the trace
The flesh rips away and there is the insane
Pull my teeth and make jewelry
Use my nails and create the trail of the felt
Break my legs and wake me to never rest
Six feet under and I still feel no pain
I can smell and sight my demise
Walking into the grave, my orderly pushes me
Farther we sink into the worms that bare thirst
Through my wrist and below my closed eyes
Scrap my tongue of the taste and smother urine
Cut out my heart and salt my blood, tame the flood

I am the traveler, I am the destroyer
For as long as I must travel, I must wonder
Appearing lost in the trappings of the dead
I crave to have the night star that guides me
Why must I travel, this soul has hurt so much
I crave to be whole again, like when I was born
But no, I am scorn and dwindled in shame
My mind now dead, I am sore from the death
Again physically and not mentally I must
Soak in the others glory, I die a million times
So I blow away and let the wind begin
I learn what is said and I know Iím fed
To escape into my mind, I wish, but wishes donít come true
I guess from now on, I must fall asleep without you
Say it isnít so, say that your eyes will never go
Donít leave my sight, never leave me
No amount of health takes my need away
Understand that I am but a poor soul
Know I am the tears that no one ever cries
Briefly see that I am the sea and you are the life within
Can we begin not as soiled suffering tumbling
I donít know, but I am dying to live as the fears steal my dream


Impossibility of eternity blooms in vivid memory
warnings of infinity scar the fates in shadow
Forever trapped, never under lifeís full breast
Wanderings lefts in chaos end
Trimmers fall to the roots of the tree
As the last leaf touches the October sky
The traveler realizes this will be the last time
Struggling in the void of the mind
Nothing seems to last in thought or time
The door opens with the silence of conscience breathing
Vapors divide under the steel walls as the roof collapses
The blood is peeling on the ceiling
Stealing the comfort of sensation laying helpless
A gown of tears wears the shade well
Exiting the entrance, watched by the glaze of sweat
Holding the fetus in the fog, unborn but aware
Forged under the eclipses, the star cludigo
Wills of damnation rejoice their fallen child
Evil walks this land without a soul
A lifetime before, lost and trapped
Lusting for passions never to have been
Hallows bring temptation for welcome under guises torment
Vines stick to the passing, stripping the linings of the past
Sub Void, the growing without a soul, peers upon the world
I am none of which is here and something of war


Death fills the air, porcelain decay
Under falls of silver, midnight unrest
Silk flustered course, aged cracked floor
Swallows guarding over the seas, cleaning of the leaves
From the north, the lingering builds strength
The tides rage to war, the armies swarm
Wonders from the set bring fury from the green to the red
Upon stones, left alone, are the shrines worn from time
The cove, so it is comprised now only of onyx, withers in the cold
For the seasons have once again changed
But alias the shore stays the same
The sands now so gray and draped in shade
Joining the masking facade of yesterdays past
Foot steps mark softly and embrace the cold grains
Felt in feeling deep within the ambiguous waters
Fire burns endlessly in that its eternal life
The eyes of the watcher open to the light of the real
Before her heels she can feel the truth stabbing her feet
For its the passion of the ocean
Compromised only by the trappings of the mind
She looks down to find what brings the shine
A vast valley of dripping glass, leaving the notion
To become the wild, walk towards the horizon
Lasting gaze, follow the winds, bringing you in
Open your arms and touch the waves
Submerge yourself and become brave


Breathe of dusk swallowed in night
Dancing spirits overcast the sky
Celebrating tribes glide upon ice of seas
The oaks, protectors of fragile beginnings, feast their leaves
Streams of life, flow silently beyond the eye
Torn dirt, breached my the hand of man
Govern by the sky, the sight seems to distant
Spawning of unclean, not to bleed
Need stalking the taste of the growing
Feeling of the rotting under the burning stars of Orion's belt
I close my eyes and dream of the time when I can come home
My princess, the darkest of love, waits for me
Give the signal, a sign that you are still alive
Show me the way to your life, where I can thrive
Standing here, by the shrines of the darkest time
This world knows not of the evil which resides within
Insight that only two can see, and believe
Of reality, the light is reflected onto the fine edges of my heart
Blinding the mind from the decay soaking in grey
Yes, I can feel the abyss, in me always
Below my mind, to the right of my sight, it resides
Never does it leave, its moans for me as if the sea
Believe me, I can flee for life, under the cry of the sign
Dark ambient in the Age of Aquarius, forever until it bleeds
Leaving my knees, flowing to my heart, my breathing gone
In finale, I see the waters splash along the sides
Blue, green, and red, drink all the flavors of the ocean
Black, grey, and stained, all showers, leaving puddles of my pain
The storm is upon us, with my blade at face, I cry out your name
Ambient princess, show to me, live before me, my unborn queen
Come before your lost love, touch your god, and know I am real
Steal my hurt and become consumed with my wicked desire
Pull my pain into your eyes, so it can swell in your minds rhyme
So I have died endlessly in shallows of existence to be remembered but never heard.


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This is the first track off of "The Core" Album. The song "Descending" is led up with the huge sound of drums matched with the swirling surroundings of ambient effects. The vocals on this track convey intense emotion. The sound is full of feeling.    

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This song is very dark and extremely progressive. At over six and a half minutes, this track is the glue that holds the first seven tracks on the album together. The Cascade Distance Beneath has many time changes and is really constructed well.