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rude mechanicals out oct 27

mistrust returns to UBW to promote his official remix of Pitch Black's "Rude Mechanicals", which is out on the band's label in October 08. You can download it for free here on UBW and nowhere else until it comes out on iTunes etc.......

New website: 

Tim Blackburn is "mistrust" - making downtempo, chillout electronica. Music for "posh lounges" and chillout rooms, plus a few uptempo tracks.

I'm Tim Blackburn, I'm "officially" a Film Composer and MP3 artist. Writer and producer of "Never Alone", "Hello" and many more Chillout and Downtempo tracks. Music featured on local radio in the UK, and played by DJs at The Big Chill Bar, Glitchnight, The Module and Thompsons Bar (Manchester), plus Downshift Radio in the USA.

I've got a new album called "Making Movies" which you can buy (use the contact link for details), or get the free 4 track EP at the Nishi Netlabel 

About me.....

  • "Croydon Library" was mixed in as a part of a Disco track by the resident DJ at Thompsons Bar in Manchester (UK)

  • "unsigned artist of the week" on "Cafe del M12" local radio show in the Manchester (UK)

  • "Never Alone" was played at The Big Chill Bar in London on 26th Feb.

  • Some of my tracks are going to be played by DJs at "The Module" and "Glitchnight" electronic nights in the UK

  • A Trance DJ called "Snafu" has played tracks from my new album, "Making Movies" at a couple of chillout sets he's doing in March/April.

  • Currently on the Chillout Channel playlist at Digitally Imported FM radio

My music has also been featured and used in surfing promo films

  • O'Neill Deep Blue Open (2005)

  • O'Neill Anglet Pro (2005)

  • Rip Curl - The Search (2006)

  • O'Neill Pro Freestyle (2006)

If want to use my tracks in your film, tv,or video project (or anything like that) let me know and we'll sort something out....


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The official remix of New Zealand band Pitch Black's track "Rude Mechanicals" which is out on iTunes and all good download sites in Oct 08. You can get it here first on UBW!!!


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