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mindtrip productions
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MindTrip Productions started in 1990 as a way to promote indie dance and urban artists on college radio. Thru two mixshows urban meltdown and club vibe we we're able to find good urban and dance music to keep the going. We also was re-editing or doing full production remixes for our shows. We were writing and producing demos for people who wanted to be singers. In 2000 we felt the needed to breakaway from doing college mixshows and producing demos. In 2004 we created a event called bear heat which was hosted in vermont for 2 years at shooka dooka's. Bear Heat is now going international which a mixshow on pulse rated in the uk. The sound of mindtrip productions is house(all forms),neo-soul,hip-hop,rock,breakbeat and techno(all forms). We don't try to limt ourselves to one style of music because we like all kinds. MindTrip Productions isn't about making hip-hop superstars and pop divas. We are about music for real people who want to get away from the norm. This is the official music page for MindTrip Productions. You will be able to hear music that we produce first on this page.

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