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Sweetmeat and the Silverfish is Nantucket Island’s most exciting new rock band since Mountain! Island brothers Victor & Ben Ferrantella along with their cousin, Michael Stefanski and lifelong friend Chris Beamish are creating big waves on a small island in the N...

Featured Song: "Can't Start"  ( hi  )
 Admin Blog
Updating Admin Panel
Posted By: admin Posted On: 03/06/09 19:07:10

We are currently updating the admin panel.  Please be patient as we work to improve the Unsigned Band Web.

World Maps For Your Band Are Here!
Posted By: admin Posted On: 01/13/08 22:13:17

I'm very pleased to announce that we have added a new google map feature that will allow you to see exactly where your song activity is coming from!  This feature will show you on a world map where your song plays, downloads, favorites, and comments are coming from.  The map is imported from google, and even includes satellite imagery.  To browse the maps you can just place your pointer on the map and drag around.

Free Accounts get 10 plots per map, any paid account gets 200.

To access your map choose the 'world map' link to your left.


Artist Page Updates
Posted By: admin Posted On: 12/08/07 17:27:05

We have made several enhancements and a couple of bug fixes to the artist page manager.  The key changes are as follows:

1) Band Forum - The old 'forums' link which was pointed at the unsigned band web forums is now a forum just for your band.  The current guestbook and song comments are great for feedback but not for 2-way communication.  The forum is a good place to chat directly with your fans.  The guestbook link is now in the footer.

 2) Blog comments - Comments can now be left on your blog posts, and the 'more comments' bug has been fixed.

 3) Promote - This link was previously only shown if there were images uploaded for the myspace profile feature.  Now the link is shown for every page, with flash code for visitors to promote your songs at other locations (the songs are still hosted here).  If you have uploaded myspace profile images, the profile generator will appear automatically.  Social bookmarking links have also been added to allow people to save your UBW artist profile to their favorite bookmarking site.

 4) ITunes - There is a new feed located at the bottom of artist pages for downloading your playlists into Itunes.  This is an experimental feature and will need some tweaking.  If you currently use ITunes and can provide feedback, please do so we can make this feature perfect.

New Offsite Flash Players
Posted By: admin Posted On: 03/31/07 20:20:33

We have added several flash players that you can use to promote your tunes on other sites throughout the internet.  Just cut and paste the code next to the player you would like to use and your songs will be streamed from the unsigned band web through the player.  These players work on MySpace, blogs, and anywhere else you can paste HTML code.  If you have any questions about these players, you can leave them in this thread or post them in the unsigned band web forums.

MySpace Layouts
Posted By: admin Posted On: 03/27/07 21:38:12

Custom MySpace Layouts for your band!

We are pleased to announce a new feature that will allow visitors to your unsigned band web artist page to promote your band on their personal MySpace page!  While we all have our own opinions on the quality and value of MySpace, there is no denying the sheer size, and reach that the site provides.  To that end, it makes sense for us to look at it as an opportunity for our bands and plan our services accordingly.

To enable this new feature for your band profile, you need to follow these steps.  First you need to upload 2 pictures through the standard photo upload button.  You must title 1 of these pictures background and the other must be titled main.  After you upload these two images a new link will appear at the top of your profile called promote.  From here visitors to your page can preview your layout(s) and copy the necessary code needed to add your layout to their myspace profile.  Currently you can build 2 layouts, by uploading another set of images called background2 and main2 . 

This new feature is available now.  If you have questions please post them as a comment to this message or in the unsigned band web forums.  We will be enhancing these features to add additional functionality shortly, stay tuned!!