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I've been doing music for more than 10 years but professionally for about 3years. I like good music not any particular genre, and when i say good music i mean the production and the mixing has to be tight and creative. My music really started in 1999 when i got the chance to learn how to play keyboard. and to be honest, God gave me that opportunity. and gave me my first keyboard aswel. in 2000 i started performing in different venues around South London. Around the same year i started learning to produce with my yamaha keyboard. it was pretty basic, mmm actually thats not true, it was really crap lol. And nobody really wanted to listen to them. But thats alright cus i was just starting out. Later that same year a friend offered me my first music production software (EJAY2). Then i realize that people were actually starting to listen to my stuff. so i started getting serious with it. The highlight of it all was when i wrote 'I FOUND SOMEBODY WHO LOVES ME". 3 people were moved into tears when they heard the song, 2 were men and that really inspired to keep writting. So i wrote 'GETTING FREEKY' and played it to couple of friends jus like always. But then 1 day, a friend came over, so as usual I turned on the stereo and sliped my CD in and left the room to get her some drink came back and she was in tears. initially i felt really bad cus i thought i sed something bad to her. but then when i asked her what it was, she apologized for acting stupid and said, "that song is soo beatiful" and that she couldnt control herself. i just busted out laughing cus i thought it was funny. That was when i realised that i had something to give to this world, though my production needed a lot of work. In 2002 i got sponsorship from millennium awards to start a music school. In the same year i was offered the chance to work and train with roundhouse music company as a vocal tutor. And that went on for about a year. in 2005 i got another opportunity this time with the BIG BOOST and they played a very important part in my music career mainly because they helped me to build a strong foundation to start going pro. So i started my little record label from there. With my production still rough around the edges. i started working with different artist mainly urban gospel. At the moment i am a producer, vocal tutor, and recording my second album. also work with LAGC (London African Gospel Choir) as a vocal tutor, producing Vessel OH, myself, Audrey from Love worldTV, Esther and many others. I'll like to point out that my music is for the glory of God. AND I'LL NEVER COMPROMISE FOR NOTHING OR NOONE. I'LL PERFORM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE

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