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Darren Morrison

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The Sad State of Country Music
Started: 27 Dec 2007 02:46 PM - Last Post: OldSkewl

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The Sad State of Country Music - posted: 27 Dec 2007 02:46 PM
What is up with the pussified, polished-turd, twangy-pop music that is being passed off as country. Carrie freeking Underwood is hot as all get out, but a country music artist she is not. She is a pop-singer 100%. There are some great voices out there, but it seems they are all singing crap. Martina McBride and Allison Krauss are phenomenal talents.

What is up with Toby Keith? Ok. We get it. You love the United States. I don't mind his songs because they have a sense of humor about them. I just wish he would turn down the USA cheerleading thing. Kenny Chesney and that dude that married that ultramega-hottie Faith Hill can take a flying leap as far as I'm concerned.

Rascal Flatts is an embarassment to country music. My 9 year old has more talent than this whole band combined.

Mr Morrison, I honestly have to say that the song I have heard on your latest CD are very good. They are what I used to love about country music. Tell a God-damned story and make it a good one!